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  1. Maybe I'm just too lazy and should PTFA, but I'm seeing threads that I had no idea existed! I like the new organization. Thank you.
  2. Drinking a very sour beer right now.
  3. Elf shared some of his P33 when he and the mrs. were with us on Sunday. It is very tasty.
  4. Isn't that your reason for stirring up shit around here? Your family's company is starting to loose business now that people are becoming better informed about absinthe and how quality absinthe really tastes.
  5. Very sage advice indeed, DP. Especially #2.
  6. Indeed! Oh, and I was drinking some Milagro Silver last night.
  7. Most wormwood sold at garden centers is actually Powis Castle and not Artemisia Absinthium. You're not going to see any flowers on it if it is. But, it looks pretty and smells nice when you rub the leaves.
  8. We bought a bottle of Old Overholt when Damien and Becky to us to Speck's in Houston. That's how Impy taught them to make theirs. Unfortunately, we have yet to make one. Now, the Sazerac that we had in Seattle was outstanding.
  9. It looks like most of the offerings have been snatched up. That's a good sign.
  10. What they said. You might want to check out the Cane Field for some entertaining reading about those who sugar and those who don't.
  11. Welcome. Luc is a member of this forum. (edit: Martin beat me to it) His shop is wonderful and he is quite the gentleman. He is also very generous with his samples. You only bought one glass?
  12. Still on a tequila bender. Can't bear to drink absinthe without Oscar.
  13. I think that their packaging and presentation leaves much to be desired IMHO.
  14. I hope I look that good at 100. A most joyous day from me and the Grouch.
  15. He's being a real trooper. That sucker is 4mm. I pass your greetings.