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  1. I could kick myself for not picking up a bunch of the Drum Lite when I was in France last year.
  2. I have been smoking Peter Stokkebye tobacco for about a year now. I have tried all of these flavors and like them all. I have been smoking mostly the Norwegian Shag only because its taken me 8 months to get through on large can. I did find a small can of Amsteram Shag at the tobacco shop and used that for my tobacco this weekend. I was able to sample them all when I purchased 1 oz. samples from my favorite tobacco shop in downtown Charleston.
  3. I think I need a couple of days to reboot, but I did want to add 2nd rearview. Yup, me no likes this. It had real promise on the front end, but after it goes down... Thankfully, it did not ruin my palate for the rest of the evening.
  4. Jeebus! How did I miss this one? Happy Belated!
  5. Thanks again for the warm wishes from everyone. It's nice to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. It was a wonderful day and a great start to a kickass weekend. Now if I can just get rid of this headache...
  6. Meowsinthe, eh? We're drinking some tasty Belgians and just got back from eating some incredible Indian food.
  7. I about fell on the floor when I entered Spec's. Then again, it couldn't possibly be that I was a bit lit. Thankfully it is very far away.
  8. Or, we can wear Hats of Meat to Daddy D'z.
  9. Meow! I guess this a good time to mention that you're wearing party hats this weekend.
  10. Happy Day of being fellow Leo.
  11. Welcome! I guess I'll step up and mention one bit of forum etiquette that it is not necessary to quote the post directly above yours. Carry on.
  12. I likes it when you bring us these treasures.
  13. Did you guys try to suck water from the fountain too?
  14. Shouldn't that be, "standing on her own"?
  15. We'll have another 4 weeks on this bottle.
  16. I couldn’t agree with you more. There is and should be room for exploration and I feel that it would be a shame to have the market flooded with cookie-cutter absinthe. There will be successes and failures, and there will be some that will be successful only to a niche crowd. This particular absinthe was not for me, but as I stated earlier I am sending a request to Prole to bring his bottle down to HAN II for another sampling. I’m generally willing to give most things a second chance in the name of science. Then again, this is just my opinion. And you know what they say about those…everyone has one.
  17. Tell us about the french fries, please.
  18. Dang! Sorry to be tardy lady. Happy Belated!
  19. I do highly recommend you use sugar. You don't taste the angelica? That is the strongest flavor to me... I was tempted myself DP. Like Prole, I love Angelica. I was not alone is my dissatisfaction with this drink. I was at a table with far more experienced absintheurs than myself and we were all of the same opinion. Maybe Prole would be willing to bring his bottle down in August so that we can have another sampling of it with sucre and sans sucre. We’ll have most of the same group that sampled it Saturday night along with many more folks. BTW, please refrain from quoting the post directly above yours. Oh and can you resize that image, please? Courtesy dictates a maximum image width of between 500 - 600 pixels wide. Some of us use laptops and others still have smaller monitors. Having browser windows pushed out and forcing others to scroll horizontally to read content is a real pain. That, and bandwidth issues. If you don’t have access to software where you can resize your images, Flickr is a nice backup. It offers different viewing sizes with the dimensions in the image tag that for the sake of privacy, can still be viewed with a direct link. Photobucket is another good site.