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  1. Oscar is truly a gem. We loved the rose is wonderful. One thing I would suggest is that if you start of with it for the evening, choose other shisha flavors that will complement the rose. It seems to permeate, but in a most delightful way. The rose that we tried is from the US. The other shisha seems to be much smoother. Sabrina, you are more than welcome to come over and partake.
  2. I love City of Lost Children. Need to dust of my copy. I was thrilled when Delicatessen FINALLY came out on dvd last year.
  3. Oscar cooked a wonderful moghul-style roast lamb and we are now settling down to play with this: It arrived from Egypt on Tuesday with all of the accouterments. The base was smashed to bits and to our complete surprise, another one showed up at Oscar's office on Thursday. We tried the licorice and green apple shisha last night and are trying rose and cinnamon tonight.
  4. Thanks for the link to the Brass Goggles site. I know some folks who are into Steampunk and do some costuming based on the genre. I was just getting ready to suggest to a friend yesterday about doing a Jules Verne group when she posted some recent sketches.
  5. We bought a bunch of the Polkal glasses for HAN II just to make sure that we had enough. I wanted to get an order in with Rene, but needed to put the money elsewhere.
  6. We got a package yesterday. Guess it's time to do a little investigation.
  7. My current favorite is Nigori Sake, which is unfiltered but smooth, and sweet.
  8. We're off to celebrate Carter's birthday tonight. Started the evening with taking a whiff from that bottle of 'kind of old' rum. Thank you Shabba.
  9. Welcome. Where in Georgia do you live?
  10. We've been in Charleston all weekend. We're cached. We're drinking fabulous leftover beers from last weekend. Now on to some absinthe.
  11. Unfortunately, I think that is pretty much what we've all been expecting.
  12. Nah, I don't think being a novice has anything to do with it. There are quite a few in your boat. When it comes to blanches / le bleues I like CLB & La Ptite. I don’t like Brut d’alambic no matter how I vary the water - absinthe ratio, nor do I really care for the Blanchette. I haven’t had BdF in probably 3 or so years, but have pleasant memories. The absinthe market wasn’t as broad as it is today and I really wanted to try some last weekend to see how it is standing up to the newer COs. I am curious to try the Duplais Blanche one day.
  13. I was happy to get to have La Ptite again last weekend. I find it be lovely.
  14. I'm sure Gaudentia Persoz finds time to do hers and make a very nice absinthe.
  15. Pretty presumptive coming from someone who hasn't met the majority of us and has no clue as to our ability to forumulate our own decisions. Care to tell me why it was important to single out girls? Do we have funny palates? Then again, this is coming from someone who thinks... I think I have a new signature line.
  16. Um, that's exactly what everyone has been saying.Over, and over, and over...
  17. Yay! Happy Birthday Auguru. Be strange but don't be a stranger.