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  1. F#@! Late again. Guess we'll just have to drink some old rhum tonight.
  2. We use ours down at mom's house. It easy to use and doesn't take up much space. Oh, that reminds me to get a replacement globe for one of the others...
  3. Looks similar to one of my favorite drinking glasses.
  4. Heeeeeeey. I missed the party. Happy belated.
  5. I'll still slum it with Maker's any day. I am hankering for some Hudson Four Grain.
  6. If yer lucky, we'll stop by tonight so you can open those new bottles hiding in your cabinet.
  7. So, are you their new patron saint? Do these poor antiques throw themselves at your feet as you walk by?
  8. Couple of links that I don't think have been posted... Museum of Victorian Science While not technically Steampunk, the sculptures of Dr. Evermore are pretty darn cool.
  9. We're so sorry that we're soooooo late! Happy belated dearest. We love you.
  10. I think we're going to have to have a glass in your honor before the show tonight.
  11. Been away a bit much. Anyways - CONGRATS!!!!!
  12. We're drinking some of that wonderful whiskey you gave us after seeing the Dropkick Murphy's tonight. Great show.
  13. Maybe it's a bottle of Eden.
  14. Convenient to have a birthday when we're stopping by.
  15. Excellent. More incentive to get over there... The cinnamon is delightful!