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  1. Yeah, I second this. That was before I moved here and I'm a bit envious.
  2. *howls* We'll be at the Star Bar tonight followed by the Masquerade. Last one!
  3. Haven't really tried it but need to. I'm a Ben Nye/Mehron/Urban Decay/Christian Dior girl myself.
  4. Squatters? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> *giggles* It's actually a lovely old factory converted to lofts. Hence one of the reasons why I'm low on cash these days. We have a large space and have a great deal on the square footage, but its still a lot of money. My husband is a freelance puppet builder and mascot builder. The company that he worked for went under a couple of years ago and the work is sporatic so things have been tight for a couple of years and our savings has bitten the dust. He received a grant that allowed him to spend 6 weeks in Antwerp earlier this year doing a residency at a puppet theater. The only catch was that the money could only be used while he was over there. I was fortunate enough to go over and see him however. We tried to get to Prague to visit a friend but ended up 'getting stuck' in Amsterdam. I made an attempt to hook up with Ingrid, but that failed. Ugh, I'm rambling... I'm also addicted to fabric. I keep thinking that it's time to change my priorities. :P
  5. Stroller, we are kind of near you. We live in the Mattress Factory in Grant Park.
  6. Hello everyone! My name is Evita and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a graphic designer by day and a costume designer outside of that. I posted a 'group order' request in the 'absinthelovers' community on Live Journal and Hiram suggested that I come over to try my luck. A friend of mine read the article that just came out in Wired and it has really peaked his interest in Absinthe and is particularly interested in trying out the Jades. I haven't ordered from Liqueurs de France (or anywhere) purely because it has been cost prohibitive for me for a while and it really saddens me. Fortunately I have a friend who has been able to order from them. It got me thinking, "how many people out there are in the same boat"? Wouldn't it be great to share the costs of shipping/courier fees to get you hands on the good stuff? Can't afford an entire bottle? You could pay for half+the cost of a bottle and I will split them up. For some it could offer the possibility to buy a little extra for sampling. So, I am interested in putting together a group order from Liqueurs de France for members in the Atlanta/Georgia area. I would like to keep open to folks who can physically come and pick up their order. It would probably be the latter part of November before I could actually place the order. It would be nice to meet some folks around here and possibly have a tasting. Members in the corsetmaking community that I belong to on LJ have been doing a lot of group orders lately to cut down/share costs with great success. That gave me the idea to attempt this. Hiram, if you think that this should be posted anywhere else, please let me know. Thanks so much and I am happy to be here. Evita.