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  1. Someone jump in. It's getting warm in here. We prefer our tainted coversation a little chilled.
  2. I'm losing the language living on this island.
  3. I'm so not ready to take on that responsibility yet.
  4. And it's a cryin shame. You'd really be cryin'. Or fryin.
  5. This is what happens when you don't drink for a while.
  6. You'll be thanking me when I drain it tomorrow.
  7. Our hearts go out you and to all of Wray's loved ones. Santé.
  8. I am a huge fan of BPAL. They have stellar customer service and a very loyal following. Their 'crap' is a product line that the makers spend a lot of time and love creating. I feel it's a quality stuff. I have had a bottle of the absinthe blend for a couple of years. I find it to be subtle, yet delightful. It doesn't jump off the skin as, "Hey, smell me I'm wearing absinthe!". Instead there are notes that are caught by the nose at different times that remind me of the different things that I love about absinthe.
  9. Happy Birthday love. Dang, I'm losing my touch. That, or the two cocktails I've had during lunch. OMG - I did buy him an Ace of Base cd just for the occasion.
  10. NO WAY. I missed this and a birthday dialing? Bad kitty, very bad. Um, I think Happy Belated might be a little too late.