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  1. We're slowly crawling out from under our rocks!
  2. I'm sober tonight but I'll make sure that won't last through the weekend. Perhaps a little Emerald Tide to wash the palate. Where the hell is Elf these days? We may have to try something in tandem with him. Sweet, 1600 posts. Guess iffin I'd been around more I'd be a high roller.
  3. Hi everyone! We miss you all and it is my sincerest wish that the new year will see us reemerge in the community. I'll send the Trash Man over soon. Oscar's birthday brought us much love and also great sadness. As many of you know, we've been back in Charleston for almost two years taking care of my parents. My father was diagnosed with a rare Lymphoma at the beginning of November, after a couple months of testing. It was hoped he would make it through the holidays but he took a turn for the worst at the end of last week. I honestly feel that there is something magical about my father passing on the Solstice and his way of passing the torch to Oscar. Much love, E&M
  4. Aw, you guys still love me after I've been MIA for so long? Life is still throwing us curve balls but we're working to find our balance. We miss you guys. Sante!
  5. Happy Barfday!!!!!! I really need to check these more often. Dang, it's bad when Oscar beats me to it. We'll celebrate next week!
  6. We spent the day taking my mother to visit my father. Very lovely. When we got home he ran upstairs to finish a project. He'll make an appearance later. Ill repute? Now, now, I do resemble that remark. A joyous Solstice to everyone! It's time to start drinking.
  7. Holy shit! Oscar just handed me a lovely 'new' antique glass filled with absinthe and at the bottom was...
  8. Aw, you guys are too sweet. Thank you! Think I'll put a little absinthe in the next cup of coffee and really start the day off right.
  9. Are you seriously only a week and a half older than me????? Happy Belated Old Lady .
  10. The only way sugar gets into my grits is when I fix Shrimp & Grits, Charleston style.
  11. 90+ degees? Friggin' blizzard, I tell ya. You know you like the oaks down here sweetie.
  12. No smoking inside the Good Ship Lollipop. I'm banished to the Lido deck
  13. Are you guys still playing with your imaginary friend?
  14. You know I'm just pissy because I want the whole lot.
  15. That's what all the dealers say.
  16. DP - I cleaned out the litter box. I'll call you this weekend. You rock baby.
  17. Oh he did, I just didn't tell you. He already lightened our wallets a couple weeks ago. The froggie is evil and must be punished.