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  1. I've seen others say stuff like this before as well. Does this actually work? P.S. Distillers, if you want to sponsor my living room with cases of free absinthe, spoons, and a fountain, feel free. No probably not, but it is like the old saying goes you will never know unless you ask.
  2. Every year we attend a folk fest that has camping , the organizers give out prizes around the best themed camp ala burning man. I have slowly but surely been converting my friends to the joy of absinthe, and we have decided to center our camp theme around an Absinthe green fairy theme. However we need ideas around the theme. Some parameters we must operate from are; We have no power or generator at our camp. It averages 38C so hot hot hot. We are not wanting to break the bank. We have a highly motivated and creative crew. so with the theme and these parameters in mind.... Suggestions please. p.s distillers if you want to sponsor the site with a couple o cases, spoons, fountains, and other flair feel free .... As well is there a pamphlet completed aka http://wormwoodsociety.org/forums/index.ph...=4936&st=60 that I would be able to print and distribute to curious minds. Gary
  3. I shared this on the facebook group Canadians for real absinthe group and thought I would share it here as well In British Columbia Canada, there is what the liquor board calls "signature stores" staffed with "experts" on all things in the store. I went into a signature store and spoke with their "expert" and asked about absinthe and absinthe accessories. She gave me a bottle of absente, and said here's absinthe. When I politely informed her that in fact it is not absinthe she told me "as long as it clouds it is absinthe, and it comes with a spoon so why isn't it absinthe." Oh lord how long must we suffer fools. and just this weekend I went into another store and purchased another bottle of taboo. When I got to the front of the till the cashier looked at the bottle, for a good 20 seconds, looked at me (obviously looking for a gun, since i just MUST be a raving maniac drug fiend there for my "fix") and stared at the floor. I asked him if he had ever tried it and he said " NO...I' am not in need of an experience" and continued to stare at the floor. My first instinct was to slap him upside the head on general principles, however I contained myself and left with my "fix". Gary
  4. ok tried to post pics but tripod web hosting is *&^%* ing with me at the moment so here is the link to the photos of my fountain and date night http://mojorisin35.tripod.com/absinthe/ gary
  5. In reading the replies I sense that I may have offended. Not a good go on my first post. It was not my intention to say that the reviews on this site are invalid. Actually I hold them in high esteem. What I was aiming for was more a discussion around the review process of art, in this case distilling a quality Absinthe. I did some more research around my own question and I think the conflict for MYSELF was a struggle between looking for a quantitative measurement, when really that is just silly, what this site and others who review art do is a comparative review. Both can be valid measurements when used to measure in the right context. It was my confusion and nothing inherently wrong with the review process.If I have offended I apologize. Perhaps I should go back to reading the zen and art of motorcycle maintenance.
  6. I was thinking of posting my first review and I got stuck in an internal debate as to what to base my review on. I am of a scientific mind so it colours the way i look at these things. The question that immediately pops into my head is what is baseline? Having read through of the definition of Absinthe thread it is still unclear to me as to what would be an appropriate baseline. Back to a proper baseline the first thought that enters my head is a pre ban Absinthe would serve well. However not having the finances to sample such an elixir (personally) and it being in limited supply and only available to a few, that will not due. Or will it? As I delve deeper into the question my thoughts wander to a rating based on a chemical analysis of the constituent ingredients and producing a graph and then comparing that graph to a chemical analysis of modern absinthes . This strikes me as valid, and still wrong. Art, in this case distilling, can not (should not?) be assessed by evaluating it's constituent parts, and process, although vital in the production of a final product is not the essence of the product. Notice the quick slip from scientific method to subjectivity/philosophy, not necessarily a bad thing however when I think of reviewing anything it leads me into an internal conflict... Are reviews valid? With no baseline, besides an agreement of what constitutes essential constituent parts, and processes are reviews simply a subjective matter of opinion. I could go on but I won't. I feel like I am missing something crucial...and that is where I am interested in the thoughts and opinions of more experienced members of the community. Gary
  7. Hi everyone, my history with absinthe started when I was 16 and thought that I was the next existentialist philosopher poet and that Absinthe would fit the "look". If it was good enough for Rimbaud it was good enough for me. So being patient I ordered wormwood plants, bought fennel and anise from the local health food store and waited for those bad boys to grow. When they did I made my own Absinthe. Yep a maceration of all the ingredients in a bottle of vodka.... well lets say it left an impression . I also begged anyone leaving the country to pick me up a bottle, and what did I receive for my troubles (sw)hills . I actually reminded me of the mash of my youth. Two for two. Now 30 years later I am rediscovering Absinthe and loving it. This weekend I just made my own fountain, and with the pontalier glasses I just received from ldf, a group of my best friends, and 3 bottles of taboo life is as it should be. Looking forward to exploring new Absinthe's and meeting like minded people. Gary