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  1. Believe me, we have a few stupid rules here in the US, too! Welcome to the WS, and good luck on getting your hands on some quality absinthe!
  2. Drinking some Guinness left from St. Pat's (hard to believe there's any left) before moving on to something green-tinged...
  3. Sixpoint Diesel, after a few earlier Guinness Stouts & Kilkenny Cream Ales...Slainte!
  4. Woke up to see half a louched glass of Pacifique left from last night...(I know, it's practically criminal just leaving it lying around like that all night)
  5. No, don't NOT contribute, Plasticstatic! It wouldn't be the same without some of your work included. (Your songs are among my favorites, especially Slow Drip Gaze)
  6. Too hot to drink? It's Woodinville's finest for me again tonight. I just can't seem to stay away from it for long.
  7. Unfortunately, the only musical talent I posess is that of appreciation! I really enjoyed all three Volumes thus far; I listen to them regularly. Whenever Volume 4 becomes a reality, I'll definitely support it.
  8. I'm lucky to have a decent selection in stores locally, but not so much in bars. I don't mind Lucid; IMO, it beats the hell out of Kübler & GA.
  9. Hello & welcome to the Forum, and condolences on the Jade...The good news is that there are many good absinthes now available, as well as produced, in the US.
  10. Isn't that redundant? Obsello's still one of my favorites; Leopold's is very good; and I enjoyed the Corsair Red, although it does deviate quite a bit from the traditional formula...of course, I like to get my freak on with St. George now & then as well (even though there are those who would compare it to salad dressing! You know who you are!)
  11. It's one of my warm-weather favorites, too. In fact, I just ordered a new bottle earlier today...
  12. Greetings, that list ain't bad! Welcome to the Forum!
  13. Sounds nice! I'm ready to louche something green in color, not sure which one just yet...