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  1. Greetings, John, It's nice to see another new domestic brand; clever name, too! I'm going to have to try some of that...
  2. Sorry for such a late welcome to the party, it's always good to have some fellow absinthe enthusiasts nearby!
  3. I'm out of absinthe and I'm about to make an impulse purchase...Meoww
  4. Sierra Nevada Floral IPA, from the 2012 Beer Camp 12 pack. (I think you're supposed to try each of the 4 styles, so that's what I plan on doing...)
  5. Could you name me some stores in Buffalo. When I go on holidays, I usually fly out of Buffalo and so could pick some up when I am in town because the airport fees and flights and taxes are so much cheaper than a lot of flights at home and I am only a two hour drive from Buffalo. My first Absinthe was a bottle of La Fee. I have only had one other one, who's name I cannot remember, after a nice meal in Williamsburg in Virginia and I am looking to try the ones that are more highly recommended from the very useful reviews page. And so I am very interested in what my options are in Buffalo. Thank you, Andrew. Hi, Andrew, The Premier Group has 3 locations in the Buffalo area with a decent selection of absinthes last time I checked. Supermarket Wines & Liquors, in Niagara Falls, NY, carries a fairly wide variety as well. (Pacifique, La Clandestine, Vieux Pontarlier, Duplais Verte, to name a few of the better ones. I believe La Fee is also availbale if you're feeling nostalgic, haha)
  6. Indeed! Nothin' awful about it, though. What they said...
  7. Relaxing this evening with several Alexander Keith's Pale Ales fresh from the GWN... Happy Canada Day!
  8. I'm happy to say I was able to order a bottle of BC fro Heights Chateau Fine Wines and Spirits in Brooklyn; Very much looking forward to trying this one...
  9. You could always take a road-trip down I-81 to Delaware-Phoenix...Or, not quite so far to Sparrow's Fine Wines in lovely college-town Ithaca, which is said to carry WW and MoL.
  10. The liquid refreshment continues, a nice glass of Obsello after sinking a stale Lucid...then I may call it a night.
  11. It's not the same as the Montmartre I've had, which I liked. That was some time ago, though...my tasting experience was much more limited then. Mephisto just seems really bland to me.
  12. Finishing off some Vieux Carre, feuille morte style. Next, a glass of St. George...or maybe just poured over some nice leafy greens...
  13. Hope you had a very herby birthday, sorry it's belated!
  14. Ob-sell-o! It's getting late for a work night, but I'm tempted to louche another
  15. I once bought a bottle of Hill's in Parry Sound, Ontario, some time ago before I knew better... Welcome to the Forum! (Too bad about the Canucks, I was rooting for them)
  16. Just finished a SixPoint Sweet Action, & cracked open a Righteous Ale. Cheers to all!
  17. While visiting the area recently, I found that the long-established Whistle Stop in Islamorada is closed and up for auction, owner retired... I must admit that I briefly considered a radical life change, while relaxing underneath a palm tree with a glass of Obsello.
  18. Very belated birthday wishes, I raise a glass of your fine elixir in honor of the milestone!