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  1. Sounds like it'd be hard to know if you're coming or going... (sorry, Abs, someone had to do it)
  2. Hello and welcome! (Sounds kinda dirty, doesn't it...?)
  3. I'm about to open a Shock Top "End of the World Midnight Wheat", never tried it before but it sounds interesting... Says it's brewed with midnight wheat (of course), chocolate malt, chili, and spice. Not sure what to expect, but here goes.
  4. A glass of Blues Cat accompanied by "I'm Shakin'" by Jack White
  5. Dundee Oktoberfest after raking some leaves.
  6. Nice intro, glad you could join us! That's quite a trio of bottles to enjoy!
  7. ^ That sounds like an enjoyable evening! Mine consisted of Flying Bison Rusty Chain, followed by Anchor Steam, followed by Saranac Octoberfest after a fine dinner celebrating my son's 13th birthday! I think I'll have to finish the night with something green...
  8. I'll have to check that movie out, never saw it. Thanks for the impetus to touch base with my own Dad; it's true that I don't spend enough time with him anymore, but I'm lucky to still be able to. It's important to remember that I'm the connection between him and my son...and the wheel keeps turning!
  9. I'm drinking a cold Saranac Octoberfest as I type this...and considering a glass of Blues Cat for the season premiere of American Horror Story...
  10. Delaware Phoenix is actually located about 40 mins away. Definitely doable Lucky is right! I highly recommend making Walton Waters your next buy, it's definitely one of my favorites. Welcome to the party, from about as far west in NYS as you can get!
  11. Hello & welcome! Absente was part of my introduction to the world of absinthe, as well. Good news: it can get so much better from there....
  12. Hello, Brian, glad you could join us!
  13. The bottle was definitely the best component of that formula.
  14. Funny, but one of my cats actually did knock over and break a half-full bottle of Kübler that was on my downstairs desk. (I wasn't nearly as upset as I would have been if it was a DP offering) The cellar was fresher-smelling for some time afterward, so I think it was probably worth it...
  15. I'm rewarding myself for a day of hard work cleaning out the basement with a glass of Blues Cat from a freshly-opened bottle, after a lengthy absinthe dry-spell. (Now, I must ask you, was that a run-on sentence?) Cheers!
  16. Kicking back with a Sierra Nevada Oatmeal Stout, counting the hours until Blues Cat shows up at my door...