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  1. My new favorite beer, Southern Tier Live pale ale.
  2. Coney Island Human Blockhead "Imperial American Bock" from Schmaltz Brewing (10% ABV). Zubrowka + iced green tea. I'm thinking about a glass of Tenneyson to finish the night. Cheers!
  3. Just finished off my growler of Southern Tier 2X Steam beer. Moving on to a glass of blanche.
  4. Freshly-opened bottle of Tenneyson on a thirsty Thursday.
  5. Tea usually works for me, and I've done some experimental blending as well. (I hate to throw out something that usually costs >$50.) You've got to get creative sometimes...
  6. Magic Hat HiCu, ale brewed with cucumber & hibiscus. Can't say I've ever tasted a beer quite like it.
  7. Sweetwater 420 extra pale ale. Probably opening the LowRYEder IPA next.
  8. 8 oz. of Lucid served neat in a wine glass for $8 after a fine seafood dinner in Clearwater Beach. What the hell, it was on the menu, and the ice was free. Now it's on to my own bottle of Obsello II.
  9. I believe he may have experienced what's technically known as "trippin' ballz". From what I hear, all the best (high thujone) absinthes cause this highly desired effect...
  10. So, how is it? (Sorry, stupid question, just read your latest post in the "Obsello II" thread!)
  11. Starting out tonight with Batch 19 "Pre-Prohibition Style Lager".
  12. Greetings, you started out with a nice selection. And as Evan said, don't let Kübler get you down-it's the Budweiser of blanche absinthes.
  13. I always heard absinthe would make you trip ballz...
  14. I'm green with absinthe envy...
  15. Speaking of Special Reserve, does anyone know if it's still available? I never got to try that one...
  16. Glad I still have a small stash of original Obsello left in my collection, I may have to tap into it to compare the two...
  17. Greetings, that's a nice trio of brands to try, each with its own distinctive qualities.
  18. I love all three DP absinthes, and I'm not just being a NYS "homer"...
  19. Tonight it's Molson XXX with a MoL chaser...
  20. Been way too long since I last checked in...and when I do, what do I find? A new version of one of my old favorites?! It must be fate...DUNY, here I come!