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  1. Have you any soul left to sell? That's an awful lot of ADWTD's...I'm gonna have to see if I can find some of that!
  2. Southern Tier Live bottle conditioned pale ale. Tasty!
  3. I enjoy the offbeat characteristics of St. George, as a kind of counterpoint to more traditional styles when I want to shake things up a bit...It's definitely not the norm.
  4. I haven't come across too many locally. I believe Caffe Espresso at Main & Transit in Williamsville served a few varieties, don't know if that's still true... There's a newer bar called Ballyhoo (the old Malamute) downtown near First Niagara Center that is supposed to have an innovative drink menu. I haven't been there yet to see if they serve absinthe, but hoping...
  5. Also now available at Premier and/or Supermarket Liquors: Emperor Norton, Germain-Robin, Corsair Red, Letherbee Brun. Letherbee Malort is another offering at Supermarket; It's not exactly absinthe, but a wormwood liquor with an interesting history. Originated in Sweden, it became popular in Chicago in the early 20th century. Apparently it survived not only the absinthe/wormwood ban but US prohibition as well (considered "medicinal" alcohol). I've tried it, and it gives new meaning to the word "bitter"!
  6. Just finishing off an Saranac Adirondack Lager, now maybe a bourbon chaser...
  7. Hey there, if you're in the Nickel City, you can get your hands on a decent variety of the green stuff (some white and red, too). I'd suggest checking out the Premier Wine & Spirits stores, or Supermarket Liquors and Wines in the Falls. Try some Pacifique, Clandestine, or Duplais available. Plenty of other choices, too, some better than others.
  8. Well, recently heard that Pernod and Grune Fee might be worth a try...
  9. OK, but what kind of booze? And dare I ask, what flavor vape pen? Got me a Long Trail ale tonight.
  10. That would be a kick-ass avatar, though...
  11. Following up a Southern Tier PMX ale with Emperor Norton
  12. The last time I was in Buffalo was in the fall of 1996, so I never tried any of the Flying Bison offerings, but I knew Tim Herzog when he was brewing for the Buffalo Brewpub. His beers there were malt extract, and bland (thanks to the constraints put on him by the owner), but his homebrew was killer. They recently opened a brand-new brewing facility w/tap room on Seneca St, near what is now known as "Larkinville" in the city. Spent an enjoyable afternoon there with my better half a couple Saturdays ago... Tonight it's nothing fancy: Labatt Ice, it suits the weather ... (BTW, the BrewPub is still going strong, as is Brennan's)
  13. Tough ending for those Seahawks...as a Bills follower I could in no way root for the Pats on Sunday. Although I will grudgingly admit they still got it after all these years. Got a cold Flying Bison Helldiver in my hand...
  14. Haven't had it myself in a while now, but I've always found it to be minty. Kind of has a taste all its own, not bad. Priced reasonably enough to try something new, if you're inclined.
  15. Aging like a fine absinthe pruno, Sardonyx. Mebbe I shoulda stayed in Buff'lo, dere, eh? Oh, you'd have loved the 8 feet of snow we got in November...showed my teenage son how to shovel like a man!
  16. Hello, it's nice to be back after a bit of hiatus...
  17. Interesting. Hope it becomes available soon, since Niagara is just down the road (or river) from me...Be nice to add a regionally-produced absinthe to the collection, eh!
  18. I guess an oak barrel can't hurt Kübler...I've tried Letherbee Brun; it's OK, something different.
  19. Thinking about checking out A Walk Among the Tombstones...big Lawrence Block fan
  20. Otter Creek Kind Ryed IPA. To be followed by Emperor Norton. (How ya been, smiley?)
  21. I've been out of the loop here for quite a while; I just happened to stop into a liquor store today to look for new additions to their absinthe stock, and saw a bottle of Letherbee Malort. Totally new to me, but I have tried their oak-aged absinthe, so of course I had to buy it (about $35 for a liter). I was surprised I had never heard of it, since it's obviously a "cousin" of absinthe. Not really a lot of information out there, other than its Swedish origin and Chicago-centric popularity in the US. It does look, smell, and taste similar to some of the more pedestrian absinthes. Fair louche effect with cold water, very bitter aftertaste, less herbal complexity. I rarely sugar absinthe, but the malort definitely benefitted from added sweetness. Interesting, but I'll have to experiment to find the most palatable use for this liquor. (BTW, just realized this thread is from February 2013, NOT 2014...guess I have been waaay out of the loop)