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  1. where can i buy this stuff? i can't find it on the K&L website. much appreciated.
  2. just noticed Kübler at bevmo, time to pick up some fo christmas i thissizzle.
  3. sorry dude. once i input the 5 point one, i'll go back and edit the numerical scores in this thread to match the WWS format. hope that suffices for ya. not trying to stir up any trouble.
  4. Here is my review of the US version of Kübler 53. I just copied and pasted another review for a different absinthe's format, and put in my marks and thoughts. i couldn't submit an official WWS review, cuz when i tried to sign up, the e-mail sent to me with the registration link was blank. being that i happen to be awake and drinking on the eve of my first night off (i work alot), i wanted to capture those first thoughts. i'll submit an official 5 point scoring after i get the registration sorted out. apologies. plus now i'm on my 3rd glass, and dayum! COLOR BEFORE WATER : 9/10 clear. the way a blanch is supposed to appear right? so in order to keep it inline with other vertes that appear attractive, i give it a 9. LOUCHE ACTION : 8/10 good trails, swirlies etc going on in there. seperates fine. louches quick though, but i suppose it would at 53 and not a higher abv. COLOR AFTER WATER : 9/10 milky, opaque. nothing amazing, but the way it should be. unfortunately it seems that verts have a harder time scoring points here than the blanches. AROMA : 27/30 I don't know each herbs fragrance, so I won't attempt to go there. I can only compare it to other absinthes i have had. i must say it is very fresh, clean, smooth smelling. sweet, minty. It is close to CLB, maybe a bit more minty, and less sweet smelling. Both very good, and close in aroma character, but slightly different. A little alcohol heat, but not overbearing. MOUTH FEEL - 9/10 Creamy cream cream cream. Like it came from an absinthe cow's utters hahhaha. TASTE - 17/20 Curve ball. Some alcohol bite and tongue numbness, however, the aftertaste is very, very clean, fresh. after it first hit the palate i thought the aftertaste was going to be not very desirable, being that initially it doesn't come off as sweet as CLB. It finishes equal to the CLB. OVERALL IMPRESSION - 8/10 Alot of thoughts right now about this one. It finishes very good (aftertaste), maybe the best i have had. prior to your tongue getting numb though, it starts out with some alcohol bite which wasn't as prevalent with the CLB in my opinion. it also doesn't start as candy apple as the CLB either. after the first glass though, it is right up there with any other in my book. the price is excellent at $51 shipped from drinkupny, and 1 liter is a nice bonus as well. i would put it above lucid (not by a landslide, but above it). it is definitely head shoulders and trunk above BDF though. cheers. p.s. if my math is correct that's an 89 total.
  5. thanks mang. that is the coolest avatar by the way.
  6. is that the Warlock from Monty Python that blows ish up?
  7. Elvira is that you? Forgive me please. Just saw some of those fire red head pics on your myspace, 01-05. hehe
  8. Not to mention nearly 2 years after joining. Do you mean like party-animal Ferrell? Just don't offer your drink to feral animals. You could get hurt. i'm glad we never met in a spelling bee on the streets.
  9. Name: Liam Age: 28 Occupation: Substation Operator First Absinthe or wannabe: One of those oil mix 1 ounce bottles you mix with a 5th of vodka, and it turns alien green. First real absinthe was VDF. FeeVerte or Wormwood society?: WWS ftw! FV is just too nucking futs for my liking. Abinthe story: About 2003 i became interested in Absinthe after stumbling upon FeeVerte.net. was a little apprehensive though about importing it, so held off for about a year (and it was too expensive). Started with VDF, and i liked it. The rest is short history. Wife shares a drink with me now and then, and i offer to all friends, family, enemies, strangers, pets, or ferrell animals that might accept the invitation. Absinthes consumed: VDF, CLB, BDF, Edouard, Eichelberger, and Lucid. Favorite absinthe so far: CLB I mainly lurk here. It depends on what is happening in the world of absinthe, and if I happen to have the wallet to buy the stuff. What I like about absinthe: The flavor grows on you more and more. The scent is like walking in some kind of herb garden. The history is intriguing, and knowing that the time we are living in is just an extension of it (post prohibition). Finally, the buzz puts just a slightly different spin on alcohol. Happy drinking!
  10. just ordered some Kübler 53 from drink up ny. says should ship middle of october. woot woot.
  11. Saw a little ditty on feeverte, with a video of H1 Vodka distiller talking about H1 and their vodka / other stuff. In the video he mentions that they are working on an Absinthe. So I wrote them on their forum and got this from an admin their... "Yes, it's true - it's in development. Grande Wormwood and all. But that's about all I can say at this point. Except that we've passed the first hurdle of government approval. Please sign up for our email list and we'll be sure you get the news just as soon as we have any." So what now, we are waiting for Kübler to be available, Hangar 1..wonder how long till the selection blows up and prices are decent (not that $60 lucid isn't already inexpensive, comparatively).
  12. Thujone is a superstition. You won't be able to tell the difference. At least not in terms of "effect." Here's the previous Lucid thread. Well this be the case, then I am a happy camper. My complaint would be if it tastes different, or if it isn't as "Lucid". Thanks everybody for the pep talk. I started to lose it for a moment.