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  1. Don't rule it out yet guys... i mean... if you ever needed to torture someone.... or get revenge
  2. Well... here's a possible 'newbie' comment I just louched an ounce with room temp filtered water to exactly 3.5:1 This time, the louche took longer, lasting almost to 2:1... interesting. Also, the sweetness is 'dulled' and the bitterness is 'heightened'... also interesting. Here's where its getting intense: I cant tell exactly where to 'place' this drink. With scotch or beer, its pretty much the same always... but with absinthe it seems to 'change'. Not only with every drink i take, BUT the tasting notes i recorded last night have changed to. Am i over analyzing or is absinthe much much more 'subconscious' than i thought? Do i change or does it change? One thing, i 'think' that i prefer the room temp water to the cold water with Taboo, although, im wondering if this will change relative to the context, mood, time... etc. Great stuff... NOW im hooked. There's just to much to this stuff to "casually observe". And of course, with that territory come the inevitable question: Where can i get more? In specific, i have this need to try more styles and brands... Well, i guess ill start to look for a good deal on 'Clandestine La Bleue' Cheers everyone!
  3. My plan for tonight's drink is exactly that... room temp water. See if it makes any differences in the aromatic qualities and the taste. Hope it doesn't change other good qualities into bad or diminished ones! On that note, i was thinking..... Anyone ever louche with Perrier or some other club soda? May have to try that to... (any excuse eh!)
  4. This is good to hear... i figured that there would be a 'proper' way to do this, (and since i'm not starting my absinthe on fire ) ill continue to try a couple minor variations. I'm already a big fan of the aromatic qualities of this drink. Id like to play around with water temperatures to see if i can coax some more aromatics out. Ill post with some notes when i do that tonight! I suppose that, like single malt scotch, people will have there preferences. I personally like it neat and room temp... no ice. IF the scotch needs a bit of water to release the oils, ill drop a 1/4 of a teaspoon of room temp water in (if its not been chill filtered there are still some natural oils you can coax out with a couple drops of water). Oh... so about 10 mins after finishing my absinthe last night, the bitterness became a bit more prominent. Seems that wormwood sticks to your mouth for a while, vecause my mouth suddenly became enjoyably dry. Its as if the absinthe itself was seducing me for another round! thanks all!
  5. Hello everyone! I went out today and found myself a bottle of Taboo Absinthe (black topper) for 48 bucks... not to bad! Its pretty, but very pale green color is refreshing to see.... no dyes. I poured myself an ounce into a wine tasting glass and proceeded to observe. Smells promising! Although the 'anise' aroma is there, its not overpowering! You can actually smell a bitterness, a slight 'funk' smell directly from the bottle (which i truthfully enjoy). Smell is also sweeter than i had expected, but is balanced out by this richness thats possibly from the hyssop? I dont have a water dropper, so i'm substituting with a straw. I just dip it in the water and put my finger on the end... not very glamouros but it works. I have 4 shot glasses full of cold filtered water (one ounce each would take me to a 1:4, if i need more ill get it). The first thing i notice right after dropping the first water is the instant oil trails, which eventuallyfall to the bottom of the glass.... very pretty. (Not unlike the Pernod 'louche', but im hoping for some flavors and aromas BESIDES star anise...) The 'white' layer (dont know the terminology yet) forms evenly from the bottom of the glass up. This is getting exciting... i can actually smell it while sitting away from the glass! Nice floral aromatics... not regretting this purchase at all, and i havent tasted it yet. The white layer is really definite from the green... its divided perfecty and evenly (not sure it thats an attribute or just normal). Ratio is 1:1 now... the absinthe is totally white except a tiny little band of green at the very top... i almost want to sit and admire it! Aroma is so much more layered than any other absinthe ive had before... already i can smell many different things, and although the anise is still prominent, its not dominating the scent. I keep smelling lemon, and i dont know if its subconsious because i read that there is lemon balm in the absinthe, but its really pleasent. The bitterness is there to, but i suspect this is from the wormwood? Ratio is now 2:1 color is lighter at the top of the drink than the bottom, bottom seems to have a 'very slight' brown tint. Time for a taste- sweet up front, bitter later on. This is very nice, although im happy i didnt put sugar into it (and i probably wont unless someone advises differently). Im starting to understand why people compair this drink to a 'spring' or 'alpine' meadow. Im liking the bitterness of the finish a bit more than the initial sweetness. Ratio is now 3:1 - in the mouth, the oily nature is cut down a bit, but is still there in the after taste. There a nice roundness to the mouthfeel, and a very nice 'voyage' of different flavors that you embark on for about 20 seconds after you take a drink. Sweetness is still a little stronger than the rest of the balence, but fades out quickly into a nice bitterness. So much more than just anise... finally! I can taste the fennel notes that are whisping through the pallette, the lemon balm (which is actually more apparent than i initially thought it would be). The combination lends itself to candy or fruity bubble gum (sorry, maybe a bad compairison). Theres also a refreshing creamy and minty flavor after the bitterness resides.... wow. Its really something, like a strange cold herbal mintyness. Im really liking 3:1 ration with this absinthe so far. If i could change one tiny thing it would be the sweetness, which i find a little to intense right off the bat. Minor complaint though, this stuff is really impressing me. Time to try the 4:1 in hopes i dont ruin whats happening in my glass. - Hm... even more dispursion of flavor... things really start to 'divide' as far as the flavor goes. Again less oily in the tongue (something that i was getting used to before), but its still there. -You really dont have to take a drink often eh!? There's plenty of flavors that linger for minuets after a single drink... very cool. - Im finding the aromatics are dispursing a bit at 4:1... to bad. But i cant help but wonder if this is because the drink is still cold.... anyone ever warm up absinthe? or 'louche' with 'warm' or 'room temperature' water? I would assume that warming a drink like this would allow more aromatic permeation, but would it destroy the flavor? - at 4:1 the sweetness and bitterness are a lot more evenly matched. Nice to taste! Im thinking that are may be a special absinthe to water ration somewhere between 1:3 and 1:4 that will be sought after. Im really liking this! Thanks to all who recommended this brand! Anyone else have similar tasting notes to mine? Would anyone be able to answer some or any of the questions i have about water warmth and aromatics? I suppose i can just try for myself...
  6. Ah the "sun road"... beautiful! We used to take day trips just to drive through that pass. Good news! I can get Taboo without leaving the city or mail ordering... comes to 46.05$ for 500ml. By tonight ill be tasting a worthy product! By thoughts, of course, will be posted as well. I suppose that ill move off of this 'newcomers introduction' thread and post in the real section?
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome! Although Alberta claims to be private... its not. Its restricted to a provincial regulatory company called the AGLC (the alberta gaming and liquor board). Basically this means that liquor stores in Alberta are 'free' to carry anything that the AGLC offers... and they don't offer much in the line of obscure or interesting beverages. Not only that, but to 'convince' them to carry different products requires a justification based on 'assured sales'... something that no single private store can provide (were talking pallets of product, not just a couple cases). Alberta claims 'private' but its simply not, in the sense that product availability is literally under the whim of the AGLC.... believe me ive had a couple frustrating experiences while trying to get some rare or small batch brewed Belgian beers in the store i used to work at.... to bad eh! Instead were left with ... Pernod Absinthe, "absente" and hills... why bring in the worst instead of the best? Lots of people have been suggesting this "taboo" absinthe... the name really throws me off but.. ill trust you guys. Ill do some phoning-around tomorrow, hope someone near me carries this product. Interesting... before i 'added this reply' i was looking at 'taboo absinthe' webpage.. seems that they really are legit. Distilled, no artificial color, or artificial flavor... plus its recommended bu a couple people already. Must be worth a shot! ill keep you guys updates on whether or not i can get this... if i can ill grab some tomorrow (exciting). Ill check out Clandestine la Bleue, and Sirene while im at it. :thumbup: Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, Ive recently re-kindled my interest in absinthe. Being from Canada, were quite limited in the selection of different alcoholic beverages that can be purchased... when absinthe initially arrived for retail sale, i quickly went out to discover what the hype was about (not the hallucinogenic-thurjone hype though ). After a couple of dismal failures (Pernod brand 'absinthe', 'absente' and the perfect kitsch of brands like 'hills') i was discouraged and gave up. A couple of years ago, I quit working in a wine store that i was at for 4 years, but i left with a good knowledge of spirits wine and beer (my favorite), which is why i want to experience something palletable. Still, recently i have had this longing to try a 'legitimate' absinthe because i know that the communities (like this one) are not raving and ranting about the kitsch that i tried before. So I decided to join this forum and 'read read read'! Next time im in the USA, ill be sure to pick up something worthwhile (like a Nouvelle Orleans). As far as i know, i still havent experienced 'absinthe' in the passionate way its talked about here. Anyone have any suggestions for a Canadian who wants to discover the real deal? Are there any noteworthy brands available in Canada? thanks! hope to get to know the community!