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  1. Stroller

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Tempus Fugit Bitter on ice.
  2. Stroller

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Small glass of Drakes IPA, sitting on the patio watching surfers & reading the boards.
  3. Stroller

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Keegan, Mothers Milk Stout . Decent stout, a little on the sweet side.
  4. Stroller

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Keegan Ales, Hurricane Kitty. Malty, not bad.
  5. Stroller

    What ya drinking tonight?

    WYLD, Organic Extra Pale Ale. This is not a very good beer, would not buy again. In fact, I'm sinking it. Tastes almost stale.
  6. Stroller

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Drakes IPA, keepin' the drinking to a less epic proportion this weekend.
  7. Stroller


    Better with sugar I think.
  8. Stroller


    Both have serious capacity challenges.
  9. I'm concerned because the last bottle I have is almost empty.
  10. Stroller

    NorCal in the house!

    Welcome NorCal!!!! You rock!
  11. Stroller

    Happy cake day, Amber!

    Happy Birthday my love!
  12. Stroller

    Why I just banned Bogumil

    Double Secret Probation. I find Boggy both entertaining and annoying at the same time. I've always viewed him as harmless. Most days there is a lot of junk mail when I get home, typically I ignore it and toss it in the recycle bin but occasionally I see something that is of interest and read. I view Boggy the same way. Some of his comments have turned into interesting threads, unfortunately for him most have not. I'm surprised the harmony of this forum was allowed to be disrupted for so long.
  13. Stroller

    Happy birthday STROLLER

    Thank you, thank you. Nothing like spending one's birthday with 13,000 Chiefs of Police...