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  1. Ay carumba. Sorry, is that nice or nasty? And sorry I didn't 'quote', I couldn't get it to work
  2. I feel alone… My partner and I really enjoy drinking Absinthe and appreciate its subtleness and the whole ceremony of actually preparing it. Alas all our friends think we are mad, they think it is just a really alcoholic drink designed to get you as drunk as possible and best not drunk at all. This is despite us trying to educate them and allowing them to sample various brands. Also whenever we buy absinthe in a bar we are never given water, they think we just want a shot, to down as quick as possible at get us legless. They look at us like we are alcoholics. Where are all the proper and sensible Absinthe drinkers do they exist?
  3. Hi this might be long but I wondered if anyone could enlighten me. I have been drinking Absinthe very occasionally for the past 5 or so years, I enjoy the 'ritual' but have never noticed any different feeling other that usual drunk effects. However... on a recent trip to Poland, my partner and I visited a bar called Absinthe, we had already had a couple of pints of beer and we had 3 absinthes. They were done by the barman the Bohemiam way which seems to be traditional in Poland. Instead of getting drunker our minds seemed to become clearer and remained so for the rest of the night. It might have been just 'luck' and the mood we were both in, but it might have been an effect of the Absinthe? Can anyone tell me if they have had anything similar and if there is a brand of Absinthe that will more likely recreate this effect? We had two brands that night, one was Mr Jekyell and the other was a Czech one but Im not sure of the name. The outcome of the evening is that I have 'discovered' the Doors... I had always liked individual songs but had never really paid attention to them all.
  4. Thank you very much for such a lovely welcome.
  5. Hi... Im live in Hertfordshire in the UK I'm new to this forum and want to ask a question about the effect of absinthe... where is the best place to post this question? thanks