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  1. Received my order yesterday. I tried the VC first and on first taste I have to say, what an amazing drink! So full of flavor and it really goes down smooth! It was late when I got home, so I didn't dare drink too much. I limited myself to just a glass. I will wait until the weekend to really sit down and enjoy my new drinks. Needless to say, I can't wait to really explore what absinthe has to offer and I look forward to trying out all the different brands available as time goes on. Thanks again for the warm welcomes and I look forward to chatting with you all!
  2. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! My 2 bottles will be arriving tomorrow. I have a light day with work, so that will work out great.
  3. I have been a member for quite some time but never posted. I just placed my order for "Pacifique" and "Vieux Carre." After reading what a few people have said, these seemed to be good Absinthe's t start with. I am hoping the bottles come before the weekend, but if they are not shipped tomorrow, I will have to wait until 1 day next week to really enjoy them. I look forward to smapling my first Absinthe, and I look forward to speaking with everyone here to tal Absinthe! Drink up!
  4. Wow... More power to him! I complain about the cold here, ha! Again, thanks for all the welcomes!
  5. Oh, you're actually sane! Well, in that case, I'll admit it, so do I. I am one of those that just got stuck here. I have been working towards moving out of here. Hoping to do so in the next few years.
  6. I did not know people would get offended if I did not use the shift key. My apologies. I left English class 10 years ago...
  7. He didn't want to drag us down into the muck? Just kidding, New Guy, I love N.J. no need to id! i hate nj, Luscious Oily Lesbians!. what are you gonna do though? haha!!! so apparently we have some joksters out there who like to edit posts? good stuff! glad i joined a forum with a sense of humor! lets me know just how far i can go now, Luscious Oily Lesbians!!
  8. Good choice! i sure hope so! i am just wondering. i see a lot of mention of letting it breathe. what is everyones take on that? should i let it sit open a day or so? im a huge fan of anise, so i know i am going to like it no matter what. im also thinking of a 3:1 ratio with water. any input would be greatly appreciated
  9. so i have been doing my research trying to decide what type i am going to pop my cherry with and i have decided on ordering a bottle of VP from DUNY's. I guess I will give my 2 cents after I enjoy a glass or two.
  10. He didn't want to drag us down into the muck? Just kidding, New Guy, I love N.J. no need to id! i hate nj, Luscious Oily Lesbians!. what are you gonna do though?
  11. Hey! Why aren't you saying "Hi" to the rest of us? Welcome to The Wormwood Society. haha, i meant that i was saying my hellos from NJ! There should have been a comma after "everyone" thanks to everyone! as for myself, im 27 years old, happily married for just about 3 years now. i am a fan of fine spirits and look forward to trying out the best absinthe available. i am placing my order from DUNY next week. other than that, i own a landscaping company, i enjoy the summer and jet skiing.
  12. Just wanted to say hi to everyone from NJ. Look forward to learning, and sharing thoughts with you all!