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  1. I listen to a band called Squirrel Nut Zippers, anything in that vein is great.
  2. Where on earth did you get Kübler for $33!! I'm a poor student myself and would kill to order it at that price.
  3. I was about to place an order through The Frenchman and would be interested in anyone's thoughts on this particular brand "Lemercier Absinthe Amer 72". I haven't found a review for it anywhere and was wondering if someone could tell me about it, also i would love thoughts on The Frenchman's shipping speed and all that, thanks much as always
  4. I was wondering if anyone else saw this disgusting travesty. You see, it's rather dumb for us to try and relate or experiences in a forum such as this, Maxim magazine has developed a wonderful absinthe rating system, the HOE system, or the Hacked Off Ears system, for those of you not in the absinthe know. I mean, why would I want to buy a bottle of Jade or Francoise Guy, I can just look at the table and see that Czech Strong has 4 whole Hacked Off Ears, and it tastes like crap, surely this is the stuff of legends! Oh, and we could drink absinthe light, "Tastes Great, Less Hallucinations", I always complain about how I would prefer a less psychotropic aperitif, and thank god, Maxim has provided me with one. see for yourselves: http://www.maximonline.com/grit/articles/article_5372.html http://www.maximonline.com/grit/articles/article_4434.html
  5. I used Dixie Crystal sugar cubes, I tried just dripping water over them but that started to really dilute the absinthe, like almost overflowing the glass dilute, and the cubes were just sitting there. The second glass i tried soaking them in water first and it kinda helped but they still held together pretty well. I still had a pretty good louche and it turned the perfect color, but i was under the impression that the sugar should dissolve all the way, though that might be my miss-understanding
  6. Francoise Guy, wow, i real liked it. And the shipping from LdF was blinding fast! Ordered on Monday, placed on Tuesday, was here on Thursday. One thing i did want to know, my sugar cubes didn't really dissolve to well, is this normal? And if not, what can i do? Also, now that i have tried one that i will definitely order again, what would everybody recommend for another order, which seems to be needed on Monday the way we are drinking it. Oh and one last thing, I wanted to faithfully recreate the response of one of my Photo classmates after he heard I was ordering a bottle of absinthe ahem. "Wow, man that is what Marilyn Manson drinks and he is totally kick ass, you're going to be tripping out of you're skull bro, I know, I get this stuff called Hills everytime I go home, and it's so cosmic. Just remeber to do it the right way, light the sugar and put it in the glass. Man you're going to be so high" That was his statement in it's entirety, thought everybody would enjoy that.
  7. Speed up natural selection? Bah, accelerated gene growth! We need a good old fashion zombie raising T-virus to really put our minds back in focus, the news could even interview zombies and have in depth zombie coverage
  8. Oh cool, i ordered the François Guy just yesterday, i'll have to start looking for that pastis. As always thanks for the advice
  9. I was just wondering which brands had a very strong anise flavour, my roommates really enjoy an anise drink that i forgot the name of and would like to order an absinthe that has a very persistent anise flavour to it
  10. I would definitely like to get a variety but I am getting a set of six glasses with the Guy so my funds shall be sadly tapped, can anybody suggest any other good brands to cut my teeth on?
  11. Sorry, grammer and syntax are a mystery to me, Luscious Oily Lesbians!, I didn't find the Logan Fills to good but it is her favorite, and I haven't placed the order yet so it would be cheaper to get more than one bottle in the long run?
  12. howdy, well i saw the introduction and thought i should, i'm a college art major that became interested in absinthe mainly because of the mystery and the artsyness involved. my good friend has been drinking for many many years and before she moved away she gave me a glass and a spoon and said go. sadly i went off very very half cocked, Hills (lord help me) and a home brew from colorado, i know, how dare i! but i swear i didn't know! i was lost and luckily my friend came home, admonished me for drinking such utter filth, and sent me to you guys and gals, and i thank you so very very much, i just ordered a bottle of Francoise Guy and wait very eagerly, i welcome any tips one might have and i am very proud to say though i have consumed the very worst i did not light it!, if i did my friend would have beaten me to death with an empty bottle of Logan Fills