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  1. Well the people coming over are all Victorian Society buddies, so I was thinking along the lines of a victorian cocktail hour. The imaginary itenerary goes Eduard, some light snacks, more substantial meal, and cigars and the VdF/BdF, maybe Kübler. Dark chocolate could easily fit in there somewhere.
  2. So I'm having a small group of friends over for an introduction to good drinks. My birthday bottle of Edouard came in along with some other personal items and I wanted to share the wealth with the poor unfortunates with whom I have aqquaintince. Only one problem, what to serve with le Fee Verte? Also, any cigar or pipe smokers out there please pass along a recomendation on tobacco, since I don't want to overpower any of the tastes.
  3. Yeah, I was more enticed by the try, carafe, glasses and spoons in the set than the absinthe. Thanks for the heads up, I think I'll go with another bottle of Jade
  4. Speaking of Madam Corelli, Wormwood a Drama in Paris is a great read for a fiction novel. It provides an interesting view of the times, even if it is anti absinthe.
  5. Well it feels like years (might actually be) since I posted. 4 Gallery openings a 5 page paper, a Masonic invitation, and a new computer later and I'm back. So I was browsing Alandia and found the buyersguide special. It has a bunch of nice little extra doo dads that I'd like to add to my houre verte but I want to know if the Absinthe is worth drinking or if I'd be better off buying the cool toys without the happy meal. As always thanks for the suggestions
  6. Hey again everybody, it seems like forever. I was strolling across some books in the barony library and found a reference to a drink known as Aloxinum, here it is in full aloxinum, a drink, honey wine, or mead mixed with absinthe this was written by my man Pliny the Younger in an essay on Drinks of Phrygia in the 300's. I was wondering if anyone had any further info on said drink. Thanks much as always
  7. The glass above looks like my girlfriends glass. She says absinthe is "icky" and that I should drink something more normal like beer. What can I say, I love her. On the sugar side I actually found some cubes in a 7/11 here in town, so you might want to snag a look when you next get some gas. Making your own cubes is a lot more fun though, I made some with a Boba Fett mask tray and they were out of this world (punny?).
  8. Try doing Victorian recreation in a big goth city. If I meet one more person that wants to come to the house and talk about how much angst they have I'm going to puke. As a gamer (real gaming, RPGS, Wargames, etc.) I have to accept that we are almost always two sides of the same coin. But seriously! Cheer Up! We live with central air and refrigerators, life is good.
  9. I dealry love my period clay tavern pipe. When I went to my first SCA event and they told me to loose the cigs I was terriffied, I had never smoked a pipe before. Subadai gave me an old torn up clay tavern and that's all I've ever smoked on since, even made my own, which is way to hard to do again. I really prefer the cavendish blends to the turkish, now matter how much I get made fun of for it not being period.
  10. Howdy, I was wondering if anyone could point me to a site that has info on home brewing beers and ales. I've been interested in this for years and finally decided to get of my butt and do it. Thanks for the info.
  11. I grew up in Texas and Kentucky, I drink Bourbon when the absinthe is absent. But I have to say it "Buarbon" Kentucky Buarbon, Makers Mark specifically, or Jim Beam.
  12. This was the first Swiss absinthe I tried and I really enjoyed the taste. The louche was amazing, I'm used to the UE's and the Frankie Guy so the louche on this one was really a change. One thing i was wondering, is this strong louche characteristic of all Swiss absinthes?
  13. An Update! I have finished the photos and I got rid of the graveyard stuff. It's all absinthe and I'm going to mount them on some empty bottles, one of them actually absinthe and another from an admittedly bad wine. Add a little paint and some ink and viole', art. I'll put up some links to the final result when it's done and finished.
  14. I was just about to make an order and wanted to know what the UE Sapin tasted like, that pine nut line made me wonder if it was like Greek wine. Thanks
  15. Beautiful photo, I'm in gainesville, it sucks, I need to leave
  16. Dixie crystals take a long time to disolve. Also, yay Texas, I'm from Frisco. And don't drink Hills.
  17. Howdy, I'm buying a bottle of Un Emilie for a friend for Christmas, I was wondering if someone could tell me the circumfrence of the bottle? I need to know if it will fit in a wine gift box. Thanks
  18. So a friend of mine had a bottle of Hills, and I just had to try it to really see if it's really that bad. My Lord! It was the worst thing that has ever desecrated my mouth. My curiosity finally got the better of me. Has anyone had similar experiences or am I the only idiot here?
  19. Rugby my good man? Pray tell, which team do you follow?
  20. Wow, I think this is the most succesful post I've made. About mansions and graveyards, I don't know how many people have been to Gainesville Florida but lets just say it's not the most Bohemian place in the world. People were up set that the art museum that was just built was taking away parking from the football stadium, that's what I'm dealing with here. The only victorian type mansion here is draped with flags proclaiming the greatness of gator football, so that's out like last year. I might have to venture over to St. Augustine to get that kind of shot.
  21. I was thinking of combining some shots of bottles and glasses and spoons with this late 1800's graveyard that has some really great iron work and statues. And playing the Squirrel Nut Zippers song "I Raise Hell" or "Wash Jones". All the photos are going to be displayed in an old cypress window bracing, about 5 in all.
  22. Not a bad idea I know i need to have a little talk before the show, seems my class is under the delusion that absinthe is the french name for laudanum. About the poloriod stuff Ari, i think B+H Photo on the web has a set up for uber cheap (just don't order on saturday), and a friend of mine made their own, and he's an idiot, so it can't be to hard.
  23. Aloha. I'm working in color for the first time in almost two years and was trying to come up with some ideas for absinthe themed photography. I'm going to be doing poloriod transfer prints with muted colors and pos-neg edges. The process lends itself to Belle Epoch style prints so I thought what subject better than absinthe? So the question is how do I capture our favorite drink without making it trite? Thanks for the advice.
  24. Aloha and Welcome! My first bottle was the François Guy and I really enjoyed it, I also loved the spoon that came with it (on the LdF site). Speaking of Xmas, I'm debating ordering a Jade, is it really worth it or should I go with two bottles of something else?