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  1. I've been smoking a hookah for a few years now and by far the best shisha I've had so far is from this little hookah bar in San Diego, Fumari. Really smooth and flavorful. http://www.fumari.com/
  2. I'm excited to try this, looks pretty good. Think I may have to make a visit to the distillery.................btw........VIVA LA CASA DE PUERCO!!! haha
  3. I'm going to have to agree with Alan on the Jean Marc XO vodka reccomendation. It's rather expensive for a vodka but it has a rather complex taste that made me change my views of what a vodka could be. IMHO, it has quite a bit of a "almond" flavor to it, which I really like. It is by far my favorite vodka, although I don't think I'd ever mix it with anything other than ice. I used to be really into trying different top shelf vodka's, until I found Gvori. Supposidly it is made in the Belvedere distillery, and IMHO is quite a bit better than Belvedere for less than half the price, and it easily rivals Grey Goose, Absolut and others, I've done a ton of side by side taste tests with different vodkas and preferred Gvori nearly every time. It's great by itself and in mixers, and it's about $20-25 for a 1.75L bottle. I do enjoy a good flavored vodka over ice from time to time. The Van Gogh Pinapple is awesome. Most of the flavored Stoli's are quite nice on the rocks as well. I tried the Charbay blood orange vodka once, and it was one of the worst spirits I have ever tasted. Even a little splash mixed with anything had a horrible taste and really bad alcohol burn. The green tea flavor sounds rather interesting, but I'm kind of scared after trying the Blood Orange. As for Gins I am a big fan of Junipero made at the Anchor Steam distillery. I've always liked Tangueray and their new Rangpur is awesome in a Gin and Tonic. Hendricks is quite tasty as well, but it is quite unique and IMHO, dosn't go well in all gin cocktails. I do enjoy some Bombay Saphire from time to time, but IMHO it is a little overpriced.
  4. Sippin some Duplais right now, goes good after a long day at work.
  5. I found it was quite nice with Izze Rasberry Soda. I should know this by know but is there a Slerpis recipe anywhere, I've heard it mentioned countless times, but I still don't know what's in one.
  6. Because it is a Blanche, and a Blanche should be completely clear. A yellow tinge like this could be due to a flaw in it's production, like not cutting the distillation off at the right time and the "tails" tainting the final product. I also read over at fee verte that wormwood flowers picked to soon could also impart a yellow tinge, which is also a production flaw. Although taste doesn't really suggest either of these. Possibly it could be due to the absinthe being aged in oak for a very short time. I don't know, it still tastes pretty damn good.
  7. This absinthe really suprised me. This is probably the closest thing you can get to a well crafted HG from a commercial vendor. I sure hope they continue to make this one. I'd have to day it is by far my favorite commercial blanche available, and comes pretty close to tying with the Jade Eduard as my favorite commercial Absinthe. It has a wonderful aroma out of the bottle that just gets better and better as water is added. The smell really fills the room. Due to it's strength you really only need about 2/3 of a regular dose, but it is still suprisingly smooth neat, given it's 81.3 percent alcohol. A nice thick louche that builds very slowly, great mouthfeel, and suprising complexity for a Swiss Blanche. I definitely reccomend this one to anyone.
  8. I just tried this on for the first time this week as well. I was pretty impressed, it reminded me a lot of some of the better actual clandestine La Bleue's I've had in the past. A good balance of Anise and Fennel, a nice wormwood presence, and a wonderful hyssop baby powderish finish. Very easy to drink.
  9. I just got a bottle of the Blanchette this week and have had a glass the last couple nights. Honestly I was a little disappointed with this one, I'm still wondering were that yellow tint is coming from. It's a decent blanche, but nothing too far out of the ordinary, I've had better. Still it could get better with age, seeing how this bottle is rather young. I'd still reccomend trying it, it is a decent absinthe for the price, I just expected better.
  10. Sorry I'm late but happy birfday!
  11. The sight is luking nise, the spell chek suks tho...it dont seam to be wurking for me. o well. I got your email twice.
  12. Before and after work, sex, meals, and sleep.
  13. Nah, I didn't get a chance to talk to you grey boy. But you're welcome to hit me up sometime.