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  1. This is a cool idea. I'm afraid however that I have all wants and no haves.
  2. Hehe and the funny thing is that in another video he says Tabu is actually their sponsor... he pours his La Clandestine into a Tabu glass, after calling himself a whore.
  3. Yeah they've been on the site for a couple days actually, but I just got the email today as well.
  4. Damn, so that's why I haven't been trippin ballz from my absinthe! I totally forgot to huff the gas. This is similar and equivalently horrible, albeit less ornate. I thought it would offend you all as it did to even an absinthe newbie such as myself. That's why I didn't post it originally when I found it a few weeks ago... I think the guy's reaction says enough... hehe.
  5. I was thinking along similar lines, except for all flavors. I can beat that on ridiculous cocaine-advertising products though:
  6. Another good herbal smoke additive is White Sage (Salvia apiana). Normally used as an incense, but can make a great tasting tea and/or smoke too. One of the teas from The Republic of Tea has White Sage as the base flavor.
  7. Wtf iz that bout foo y cant pplz use acros n shit, nah mean? (Ouch, that hurt my brain.)
  8. Oh boy. You know, my next bottle was going to be the Leopold Bros., but this Meadow of Love has caught my eye... has anyone got to try the DP's absinthes yet or are they not available to anyone right now? Man that is a nice color! And I've never heard of violet being used in Absinthe before. (It may be done, but I've never heard of it :P ) Stuff with out-of-the-ordinary herbs in it always peaks my interest...
  9. Like My Freaky Armadillo Outfit? Hehe... so why does he do this?
  10. This happens to be the only Absinthe I have ever tried ATM. Other than Czech crap... I don't think it's bad tasting. Obviously I haven't had the good brands to compare it to, but it's not bad. It has a somewhat off-putting taste to it (soap is pretty close), but if I use 2 sugar cubes, it gets rid of that. Then it just tastes like anise and wormwood. However, now that I've gotten to the bottom of the bottle, it has transformed. There's some sort of little black bits in it. (DUNY site says it's the normal herb sediment but I'm not sure...) Also the soap taste is now the primary flavor. BUT, for the first entire 3/4 of the bottle, I was loving it. EDIT: Why the hell does it change L O L to Luscious Oily Lesbians?
  11. I would prefer to drip my own, than have the bartender do it for me. How would they know how much water I like? They wouldn't. They'd give the same amount to everyone.
  12. Yep. C&H is what I get too. Works just fine.
  13. My favorite rolling papers are the Smoking Blacks (DeLuxe), Raw, and Elements Rice Papers.
  14. I usually order my teas from http://www.therepublicoftea.com Some of us certainly do. They sell alot of crappy bottled tea here though that I can't in all good conscience call tea... basically H2O, HFCS-55 and flavoring. Sigh. There's this new thing they do where they sell things to appeal to the health-conscious people using the word "tea" but very little of the actual plant is in the drink... ...gotta brew yer own, I say. - thetripscaptain -
  15. Wow. The price is right, that's for sure. And it's good, you say? And made right in the good ol' USA? Hmm...
  16. Yeah the traditional sweet style is the one I was looking at. Something like this: http://whitewinter.com/?202002002010
  17. So I always thought that Mead was a beer-like beverage? Is that the case? Or it it more like wine? I'm trying to figure out if I should buy some or not, however, I love beer and dislike wine so if it's alot like wine I may very well not like it.
  18. This is the bright green stuff right? I had some once... it was being sold directly next to the Czech Absinthe on the shelf, right next to the green, wormwood-infused sugar cubes that cost something like $2 each. That should say it all. However, I hear good things about this one: http://www.compra-segura.com/product_info....ae9221cf18d2c26 Comes from Peru.
  19. OK I've been playing around a little. With this brand (La Muse Verte), the bottle advises to use 6 parts water to 1 part Absinthe. I find this to be a bit much water though... I've been liking about 4 or 5 parts water to one part Absinthe. The wormwood is definately more pronounced with the less water I add. With the reccommended 6:1 ratio all I can taste is the anise with a tiny bit of underlying wormwood.
  20. Just curious if there is like a set, universal "best ratio" of Absinthe to water, or if you all have your own personal preferences? Or does it vary depending on the brand of Absinthe? - thetripscaptain -
  21. Star Trek reference? Definately a good sign. I think I will like this forum.
  22. Thanks for the welcomes guys. So, I didn't do too bad with the La Muse? I found it to be tasty... like I said though I have nothing to compare it to. Anyone got a suggestion on a better choice? I've got alot of review threads to read through before I choose my next bottle... after a really quick glance these two look promising: Marteau Absinthe de la Belle Epoque Leopold Bros. Absinthe Verte ...yes?
  23. I was recently in Amsterdam. You can find alot of garbage absinthe at the various liquor stores. It's really cool when you don't know better, and then you take a sip and instantly - you know better. The bright green stuff marked "Extra Strong" sitting in the front window is not the stuff to get. There is also a bar in the 'Dam which serves absinthe. Called simply, Absinthe. I set out to find it one night but was alas sidetracked by the various nearby coffeeshops. But this is the address: Absinthe Nightbar Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 171 1012 RK Amsterdam, Netherlands 020 6234413