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  1. It's good to be busy DP. I'm happy for you


    I completely aggree. I think it's great that the US has new distilleries opening up on a regular basis now! And from what I've been reading on this website, they all seem to be making very respectable Absinthe. A lot of people have been waiting for this, for a long time. And it can't be bad for the economy either. :thumbup:

  2. Ich spreche nur ein Bißchen Deutsch. It's been a while since high school and I never had a chance to use any... And I speak no French at all, I'm afraid. Which is why I can't pronounce half of the names of the Absinthes I would like to try.


    Anyways, enough about my linguistic shortcomings. Welcome to the WS! I have been here only a short time myself but am learning of a lot of great Absinthe brands from a lot of intelligent individuals.



  3. As far as taste. It's been mentioned before about people having a genetic reaction to cilantro and having it taste bad to them, even when used in the smallest amounts. I think I have that with Iris. It's not a soapy taste (like the cilantro thing),


    I have that! To cilantro, that is. Soap is close, but really it kind of tastes like metal to me. If there's not too much of it in whatever I'm eating, I can deal with it, but if it's a primary flavor I dislike it quite much.

  4. I found a local store that carries the mead that I liked to above -- gave it a try. It's pretty good, although a bit too much like wine to be a real favorite of mine. But I'm certainly going to drink the rest of the bottle, whereas with say, red wine, I just can't drink it. I'll die a beer man it seems. And as of recently, an Absinthe man. :D

  5. Henbane is one of the many Solanaceae plants containing alkaloids of the tropane variety, such as Hyoscyamine, Scopolamine, and Atropine. All these chemicals are currently used as pharmaceutical medications in their pure form. It would definately not be wise to eat henbane, however other members of the Nightshade family can be eaten such as tomatoes, potatos, and eggplants. Also related to tobacco. Every now and then some misguided kids eat one of the poisonous nightshades and the results aren't good.


    I like to grow poisonous nightshades in my garden... the animals won't eat the deadly ones so they actually make it through the summer. :) And they look nice... A picture of Henbane can be found here:




    ... look what else is there.


    I haven't grown henbane but I've grown some relatives such as Datura (Angel's Trumpet). But here I go, rambling about nightshades again...


    One of mine:




    ... it's a Datura.