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  1. Why is it that no matter what I click on on the VC website, it just opens an email to their address?
  2. Ok guys I ordered a bottle of Pacifique. I am quite excited about this one!
  3. Oh my goodness, have you seen the admiral imports website? sigh...
  4. Drive to another state. Get a hotel room long enough to reveice a package.
  5. I'll give you five dollars to drop a bottle off in Wisconsin.
  6. I completely aggree. I think it's great that the US has new distilleries opening up on a regular basis now! And from what I've been reading on this website, they all seem to be making very respectable Absinthe. A lot of people have been waiting for this, for a long time. And it can't be bad for the economy either.
  7. Uncle Paulie was the guy from the videos? The first cideo I ever saw from him he was pouring some La Clandestine, so I thought he was a respectable guy. Then in the next video he reached for the Le Tourment Verte, and I got a little worried. The third video I saw was the Czech Huffing Ritual, and that made me cry a little. I felt sorry for the glass.
  8. Ich spreche nur ein Bißchen Deutsch. It's been a while since high school and I never had a chance to use any... And I speak no French at all, I'm afraid. Which is why I can't pronounce half of the names of the Absinthes I would like to try. Anyways, enough about my linguistic shortcomings. Welcome to the WS! I have been here only a short time myself but am learning of a lot of great Absinthe brands from a lot of intelligent individuals.
  9. Yeah there's alot like that... it came up on "related videos" when I watched the original vid posted in this thread... that one was particularily bad.
  10. Nice pictures DP! I'm really thinking the Meadow of Love will be by next (and second-ever) Absinthe purchase... Is this in danger of becoming sold out at DUNY? Or is there enough to go around?
  11. I have that! To cilantro, that is. Soap is close, but really it kind of tastes like metal to me. If there's not too much of it in whatever I'm eating, I can deal with it, but if it's a primary flavor I dislike it quite much.
  12. Yep it sure is. And it louches. People don't do the slow drip though, at least not that I've seen. Alot of people just drink ouzo straight, as well.
  13. Ooh this one sounds good. And easy to prepare! Good one for my cooking-challenged self. And dates are good for you, nonetheless.