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  1. Thank you. Not to inflame your (green) envy, but this is an excellent, fragant, and refreshing pour. I bought it mainly to add to Sazerac cocktails but ended up with a preferance for straight rye whiskey and properly prepared absinthe independent of one another. Looking forward to trying his more recent (improved?) batches as well as a handful of other brands.
  2. Maybe you are chugging a pitcher of green beer or maybe sipping a finger of Redbreast 15yo... In any case, what are your favorite beverages for St. Patty's (of course absinthe is green and therefore appropriate as well)?
  3. Figured I'd revive this thread... Been hearing a lot about Casa Noble so I'll have to try that (or maybe 4 Copas or 1921 or...) but I started off by trying a couple bottles from Don Fulano, both a blanco and a reposado. They are both very pure expressions of agave, though the reposado is excellent for sipping, while the blanco is a bit boring in that capacity...can't wait to try it in a margarita though (fresh squeezed lime juice, high quality crushed ice, organic agave syrup). Mezcal is heavily misunderstood - too much of the marketed garbage is "con gusano" ("worm" in the bottle) - but there are currently some stunning bottlings from Del Maguey, Los Danzantes, and a few others that I would pit against the heartiest Islay scotch.
  4. There is a decent sake selection in Los Angeles, more so in restaurants than in stores, but I've tried maybe a dozen so far from various prefrectures and of various styles. The one's that stand out in my mind include: A second vote for Dewazakura Oka (Ginjo from Yamagata) - Just as the tasting notes on the bottle imply: floral nose, smooth remarkable taste with a hint of pear. The label also says this is a "favorite of the ladies" Tamanohikari (a Junmai Daiginjo from Kyoto) - Well balanced nose and taste, though I haven't had it recently enough to offer tasting notes. Unknown Brand (a Nigari, maybe a Nama [unpasteurized]) - the cheapest sake on the menu at the Terried Sake House (great food too) - but my personal favorite. Sweet, a hint of bitterness, pure and thick. Mmmm. The store bought nigari I've found thus far hasn't come close... Gekkeikan Black & Gold (Junmai Ginjo) - One of the best values on the U.S. market. Good chilled or hot, smooth tasting but without pronounced ester in the nose that plauge most cheaper sakes. Kikusui "Chrysanthemum Water" (Junmai Ginjo from Niigata) - Very complex nose, while the taste is clean but unremarkable.
  5. Howdy. Been perusing the site for a few months now - so much good info here and lots of friendly, funny, and knowledgable people. I'll mostly continue to lurk unless I have something salient to contribute - and I have quite a bit more tasting to do before then. Currently enjoying a cool glass of Leopold Bros. from batch 6. Absinthe seems like an ideal Summer libation - so I'll probably be imbibing a good deal more once the heat inevitably picks up in Southern California.
  6. Hello. I just received my first bottle of absinthe from K & L wines yesterday - I decided to try the Leopold Bros. Turns out it is a dusty bottle from batch #6 - not a huge deal to me as I'll mainly be using this for mixing (e.g. Sazeracs), but just wanted to let people know that these "pre-improvement" bottlings are still floating around out there...