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  1. Here in SE PA usually see the same brands as you. VC is good though. I can deal with Lucid if I have too.
  2. Welcome aboard! Your right about this sight being full of info on all things absinthe. Enjoy your stay.
  3. ThankYou. Thanks for deleting the double post. not sure how I did that.
  4. Hello Everyone! Been a while but it feels good to be back on here. Gonna take a while to catch up on all I missed but here we go.
  5. Welcome aboard! Enjoy your stay.
  6. Welcome aboard Brandon! I was looking at the Strong 68 and other Alandia products and would have purchased it if not for finding this site and learning so much! Lots of info here. Oh and great people too.
  7. Welcome! Remember that seen from Dracula clearly. But it was an episode of Highlander that made me look into this thing we call Absinthe with eager anticipation.
  8. Welcome Antoine! Enjoy your stay at the WS
  9. Welcome fellow Pennsylvanian! I have been interested in trying the Grande Absente also, even though it scored low here! I agree with all that the Vieux Carre is excellent. Do yourself a favor and try it.
  10. Welcome sir! Double envious. Leopold and SoCal!
  11. Hello and Welcome! Another Muse fan here
  12. Welcome to the WS! Sounds like an interesting bar!
  13. Welcome to the WS Everyone here says there is no effect but I beg to differ! Ever since the first glass I cant stop drinking it or having the urge to keep buying more bottles, regardless of my financial situation!
  14. Like Nathan said, you guys are making me justify another DUNY purchase! Definitely the VP and one other to get the free shipping. Decisions decisions!