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  1. Just a quick note: this is Swiss German. It is very hard to understand for anyone who is not familiar with it (mostly anybody outside of Switzerland). I am a native German speaker and had a hard time understanding everything. Concerning the pronunciation: This is what the French word “absinthe“ sounds like when pronounced by someone with a heavy Swiss accent. The Standard German pronunciation would be ub-SINT (stress on the second syllable). Anyways, nice find.
  2. A horsehair filter being used at Pernot: http://www.oxygenee.com/absinthe-distill/coloration.html
  3. As far as I am aware yes. Markus Lion told me in August 2010 that they had ceased production in Spain because they were planning to move production to the US (and failed to stock up for the European market).
  4. Done. I can assure you that you aren't. I received my copy yesterday.
  5. A new batch has already been produced and is waiting to be bottled and sold. However the PF 1901 (as well as the Verte Suisse and the Edouard) apparently violates the ridiculous fenchone regulations in France. Additionally the labels do not comply with the French law. This did not seem to bother anybody until a major competitor of the Combier Distillery informed the authorities whereupon thousands of euros worth of labels had to be destroyed. I'm afraid that until all the issues have been resolved we will unfortunately only get to enjoy the Nouvelle Orleans.
  6. Why is the Kübler green? Perhaps it's the lighting, but it looks more emerald than usual. That's the new European 1l bottle (image courtesy of Philipp from the German forum)