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  1. I personally enjoyed the Vieux Carre more so then the Lucid, it was very good.
  2. Hello everyone, just thought i would introduce myself, my name is Tom I'm 25yo from West Chester, PA. I'm going to be moving to Wilmington, DE in a few weeks though. If anyone is in my area i would love to meet up and have some drinks and learn more about absinthe. I started drinking Absinthe only a few months ago and i have enjoyed it very much. I have never had anything like this before its amazing. Great stuff!! So far i have finished Lucid and most recently Vieux Carre. I was going to take a trip to the Wine and Spirits down the street tomorrow and pick up another bottle of something. I have to see what they have because the selection around me is very limited. I still dont know where i can find Glasses and Spoons around me either. Also had a few questions. Where is The Wormwood Society located mainly? Are there ever any events or meetings? Everyone feel free to IM me on AIM = TDSS02 Nice meeting everyone