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  1. I began by using sugar in my Absinthe... just assumed it was part of the ritual and also a good or even necessary pairing, similar to coffee. And also like coffee, the more I explored more and more kinds, I found that I no longer needed it. Going a step further I would even call it a detractor.
  2. What are some of the newest traditional vertes you guys are enjoying these days? Haven't bought something new in a few years now.
  3. I think you're right about high craft beer reviews - however I will add that I often choose not to review a beer if its not noteworthy either way. otherwise I treat it like test scores. An average craft beer score is kind of a bad score if you consider the likely cost of said beer... I've been into craft beer since '03 and the bar certainly has been raised many times too, and also you have to figure, for the hype train, the trends that come and go, driving people to figure that each beer is the best they have ever had - for example, DIPAs, BA Stouts, Sours... I'm a little out of touch, I'm not sure what people are currently losing it over now...
  4. Drinking La Maison Fontaine by Emile Pernot, 2010. I'm not up on all of the best things to come out in the last few years, still drinking from the backlog. Almost run out though, last 'new' thing I bought was Sauvage.
  5. What's up Gabber? I am 32 as well and discovered gabber music back in college around the year 2000. It was also big in Amsterdam when I first visited there in 2003. I also like goth music and other noisy music such as powerviolence! ...So you're in good company. I have actually had good music chats with a bunch of other members here. The cool part about being into absinthe now is that there's so much available, and it's easier to get than years ago. This site has the best absinthe reviews and discussion forum, in my humble opionion! Cheers!
  6. Berthe De Joux - I opened it last night after keeping it for two years. It tastes light and balanced, as my first impression. A review will be coming once I get about half way throught the bottle. Also on the drink menu earlier tonight, was a Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout... a milk stout I would highly recommend.
  7. It's been my experience that some do, and some definitely don't. Hi Absomphe, I would be interested to hear if you wouldn't mind elaborating on your experience with this a bit - what Absinthe did not age well for you, how many years did you keep it, etc. Thanks!
  8. Is this available online anywhere shipping to the USA?
  9. PA: "Melt" in the Bethlehem area Brooklyn NY: Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg
  10. At someone's recommendation here, I just tried two dashes of Cointreau instead of sugar in my Vieux Carre and was very pleased with the taste. I feel that some Absinthe needs sugar, and it is very clear when it does. It is not the norm however, in my opinion. I have had about 30 different brands...
  11. If the back of the bottle told the story of Dr. Ordinaire I would say that the front label isn't as honest as I initially thought...
  12. A splash of Absinthe in Lemoncello?! That sounds like an awesome idea that I am going to try immediately! sbmac, have you seen Howl's Moving Castle? I would highly recommend that one as well. It was the last animated film I watched while sipping Absinthe...
  13. Michael Collins tastes good too.. I just got a bottle of Paddy the other day and its becoming one of my favorites! I don't think it will top Red Breast though - that one has so many subtleties in the finish!
  14. Junipero hasn't been mentioned... that's actually my fav. Gin, as well as Martin Miller's, Bluecoat, & Hendrick's. I haven't had Voyager or Leopold's... they are on my list for my next web order...