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  1. What's going on with the Jade Absinthes. They seem to be unavailable.......
  2. Somebody wrote me and recommended it. It's possible he misspelled it. I'll find out if he did...
  3. Has anybody ever heard of a brand of absinthe called Shapphire??? I couldn't find any reviews on it. Truthfully I've never heard of it. Any information on it would be great. Thanxxx
  4. Greetings from Canada and welcome to the forum:)
  5. Hi everybody. I've been meaning to introduce myself for the last little while however I've been a little busy to find the time to write a proper introduction. I'm a newbie to Absinthe, only been sampling for about six months. I have tried ten different brands since then. I'm also relatively new to internet forums as some of you probably already know from FV. Thank you for welcoming me as a member, I do look forward to my time here on this forum. Cheers....
  6. I see that the second edition of Belle Amie is being released in two weeks. I was wondering if anybody here knew what the differences between the original and the second edition are.