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  1. It paid off to call in a few favors amongst my scattered customers around the country. Was able to have a case of Vieux Carre and Pacifique mysteriously arrive this week. My collection is complete, and I have put it away in proper storage to age for 2 years. I will be in touch in a couple years my friends. Angelique Verte Suisse 2 Belle Amie #2 4 Brevans H.R. Giger 4 Clandestine 53 La Bleue 4 Doubs Mystique 6 Duplais Balance 4 Duplais Blanche 4 Duplais Verte 4 Eichelberger 68 Verte 4 Emile Pernot Vieux Pontarlier 4 François Guy 4 Jade Edouard 4 Jade Nouvelle-Orleans 4 Jade PF 1901 4 Jade Verte Suisse 4 Jean Jaquet du Val-de-Travers 4 L'Italienne 4 La Coquette 4 Leopold Bros. Absinthe Verte 4 Marteau de la Belle Epoque 4 Pacifique Absinthe Verte 6 Promethee 4 Roquette 1797 4 Taboo (Regular & Gold) 2, 4 Verte de Fougerolles 12 Vieux Carre Absinthe Superieure 6
  2. Thanks Brian. I don't think I have been reprimanded and needled about simple things this much since catholic grade school by the Irish nuns. Nothing like a 47 year old feeling 7 again. hahaha I have been running forums as an owner/administrator for 10 years now, but I have only used vbulletin forum software. The search and other features are so much different. And my forums are mostly private for my customers, only a few hundred members. A small part is informational open to the general public, but not for posting. Just goes to show you that each type of board is different.
  3. Well I apologize G.S. I sure wish it was simpler and faster to find answers when doing searches. Some search results have so many pages, it can literally take hours of searching for an answer. Since I didn't have that much time to spend searching, I thought it might be ok for someone to spend 15 seconds typing a reply. This is quite ironic, especially when you see the countless hours people spend in some out of control threads typing crazy irrelevant responses with insults and attacks, bickering and arguing and such. From now on, I am just a lurker. Later.
  4. I just found this on the absinthe.se website FAQ: There are an extremely limited range of Czech absinthes that are actually properly distilled and produced to be actual absinthes. However none of those are any more real than the products coming out of France, Switzerland, Spain or where ever it may be. Czech Absinthe My original question was wanting to know what are these extremely limited range of czech absinthes? Cheers.
  5. Yeah right. They might not be sweet or blue, but they are awful IMHO.
  6. Joe, I did search first and found the same thing as Phoenix. All bad. I read somewhere else over the past year that there was actually one or two decent absinthe that were of Czech origin. I can't remember if it was on La Fee Verte forum or on some other blog. This is a legitimate question that I am curious about, and not just some attempt at stimulating a conversation. Why do you automatically think I did not search first? This is the 3rd time I have been accused of this. I am simply trying to find an answer that I could not find doing a search.
  7. Just wondering if there are any real czech absinthes made? Something besides the usual sweet blue mouthwash styles? I think I read somewhere a while back that there were a couple that were pretty close to the real deal, but I don't remember the brand or name. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, That's what I thought, but the product description for Verte Classique on the LDF website says that Verte Classique was also created by G.S. Marteau Verte Classique is a premium absinthe whose recipe was created by Gwydion Stone, the founder and administrator of the American absinthe association, the Wormwood Society. This is the original European version and is only available in a limited quantity. Marteau Verte Classique
  9. What is the difference is between the Marteau de la Belle Epoque sold at DUNY compared to the Marteau Verte Classique sold at LDF? Looks like the Classique is only sold in the 50 cl bottles? Thank you very much!!
  10. Ordered mine this morning, and it has been shipped out the same day. DUNY is getting fast!!
  11. Heck, if you want to go Jeckyl and Hyde, just go buy a cheap $5-$10 bottle of vodka or rum and chug it on down quickly. Hide the car keys first.
  12. I remember hearing about humidors many years ago. Forgot all about them until now. Years ago, my grandfather in Connecticut always smoked cigars called John A. Uhl's. He used to take me with him to the the farm office that sold them. I used to save the empty boxes to keep stuff in. Guess I will need to research humidors and hopefully find a good one for a reasonable price. Thanks for your help everybody!!
  13. Thanks. Well, I went through all 2 pages of the smoking section and did not see any threads that had titles related to this or my previous thread about the Ashton Maduros. I didn't realize I was doing anything wrong. I do search first by the way. I was thinking maybe having a nice cigar with some hennessy xo cognac.
  14. I had almost bought a bottle of King Of Spirits Gold, but was fortunate enough to get better advice.