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  1. Hi there and welcome from a fellow newbie. I'm with you in that I'd rather not spend an outrageous sum of money on something I may not care for. I Googled the phrase absinthe in Pittsburgh PA and found a place called Embury, which apparently has a few different absinthes on hand. You might consider giving them a try and sampling what they offer before committing to buy an entire bottle.
  2. Hi and welcome from a fellow newbie! I'm envious of you being so close to such a great bar where you can try so many different absinthes before purchasing an entire bottle. I look forward to reading any reviews you might post here after you try them.
  3. I'll second Jay's recommendation for The Tao of Tea; I love their Black Peony and Longan black teas! And if you enjoy spiced chai, I very highly recommend Morning Glory Chai, which is very spicy and one of the best things that can ever happen to your taste buds.
  4. Does anyone know of a good mild cigar that would go well with a glass of absinthe? On the rare occasion I smoke a cigar (and it is truly rare), I usually drink brandy, cognac or a good bourbon (especially with a maduro). Edited to add: while I'm at it, I need to find a place that sells just one or two cigars, since I don't smoke nearly often enough to justify purchasing more than that.
  5. SWEET!!! Thanks muchly for that heads up, I'll be giving them a call when I can raid the savings account.
  6. I can see some distinct advantages to that idea but I can assure you, Mr. Stone is much too wise to throw his hat into the ring with a hooligan like me. There is also that tiny issue of already having a profession that I love which makes moving for another decade or so, undesirable. *snaps fingers* Rats and scurvy! Eh, well, it was worth a shot anyway! I do know what you mean about loving a profession and not wanting to move any time before you retire, though, so I can't blame you there.
  7. Don't worry, Absomphe, any Sparklepires in my neck of the woods won't last long. *racks a shell of TriBall into the 870* Joe, if you do retire out here on the coast, I'd avoid buying property in Ocean Shores; the taxes and politcs here bite the big one, not to mention the fact that the water is utterly horrid (yeah, I made the mistake of buying here). There is some beautiful property up around the Lake Quinault area, as well as in North Aberdeen and Hoquiam in the Hoquiam and Wishkah river valley areas (just be sure the house is above the flood plain). In fact, I think you and Jules should move Ridge Distillery out here to the Olympic Peninsula long before you retire.
  8. Hmm...I'll have to give the agave syrup a shot the next time I want to sweeten an absinthe. Thanks, Jay! *adds agave syrup to grocery list for other uses as well*
  9. You and your wife aren't alone, JerseyVerte, I like a few drops of absinthe on a demerara sugar cube. Yeah, it numbs the tongue, but you get an amazingly intense burst of flavor before that with a sweet, lingering after burn. Great if you're really hankering after a glass of absinthe but shouldn't partake of alcohol for whatever reason (enough to wet a sugar cube doesn't count). And for the purists who cringe at the thought of abusing good absinthe that way, it was Lucid (my first bottle of absinthe, in fact), so it wasn't abuse of good the good stuff. *blows a raspberry*
  10. Absomphe, you've got a point. I didn't use demerara, or any sugar, in my Marteau, but it made the Lucid I tried first drinkable. Regular sugar just made the Lucid sweet, but the demerara helped the taste a lot; and a cube of it soaked in Lucid made a good light desert (at least, I thought so).
  11. Luchdog, thanks for mentioning all of those brands that are available at the main store in Seattle, as several of those are not on the WA liquor store website. I can see it would behoove me to make the road trip the next time I want to pick up a bottle of absinthe!
  12. Am I the only one who likes raw (demerara) sugar in absinthe? I don't always use sugar (it depends on the absinthe for me), but I generally prefer to use raw sugar cubes, if I use it at all.