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  1. Darn it. Didn't see your post until tonight. Very sorry I missed that opportunity. Heading up to Hendersonville for the weekend, but sadly won't have time to swing through G'ville.
  2. Bump. How's your absinthe coming along. Still haven't made it up to G'ville. Not really my stomping grounds. Is there anywhere moving back towards Colatown that carries it?
  3. Joe, you bet we will get together if you come to SC. Do you still have my digits?
  4. I've got a smoke that I swear, I will never smoke. Ask me?
  5. Smoking through my humidors. Hard to part with old stuff.
  6. Whoa Joe, congrats! Just popped in and see you've hooked up with Southern Wine & Spirits with SC pending!
  7. Beer. I haven't had absinthe since absinthe had me.