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  1. If there's not plans already, I'm going to demand it. We'll lead a revolution... Bill: Again, I don't know for sure how much stock is left, but there's no need to risk missing out forever! If you love absinthe you WILL love the Essai 4. I know the others sold out quickly, so I'm assuming they made a much, much larger batch this time around.
  2. As long as you've ventured into the Jades already, give Duplais Verte a try and I think you will find it is comparable. Your wallet will be pleasantly surprised! If you like that floral quality in an absinthe definitely try the La Clandestine, it excels in this regard. But at the same time, why not branch out a little? Meadow of Love is very unique, so give that a go for something a little different. Or perhaps pick up the Obsello Verte for an example of a truly premium Spanish absenta. There's endless possibilities. my friend!
  3. Come to think of it, this one probably won't be around for too much longer, will it? Pt, I think we had both better publish reviews of this masterpiece while an evaluation is still relevant for the average consumer!
  4. It's 2 AM and I'm fading too quickly to finish all that, but from the first few paragraphs I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about this tomorrow...
  5. Hello! Looks like you've joined quite a while ago, but haven't posted much. Why not swing by a thread and say hello?

  6. Hope you stick around, my friend!

  7. You're pretty modest for a producer, you know that? Hopefully Jason (aka Resiakk) will get that bottle soon.
  8. I was talking with Resiakk (newest member introduction) in the TARN forum last night and learned that he is fortunate enough to have it sold under an hour from his house. He's agreed to venture back and pick up a bottle soon, so I'll make sure he posts some info here too. The mystery will soon be solved, ha ha.
  9. It's awesome that you joined-up!^_^

  10. Jason, is that you?! I'd recognise that ":p" anywhere! Welcome! I'm thrilled you decided to join us, my friend!
  11. Yeah, that's true. Bryan was going on about all the great brands you can get for around $12 USD!
  12. Eh? Being stateside you may as well just order from DUNY when you return. Just as authentic no matter what country you buy/drink it in.
  13. Baron, I think more than a few of us have experienced the "sweaty" funk you mentioned, more so in freshly uncorked bottles from my own experience. I don't find it burnt in the aroma, but it seemed almost like a subtle dark chocolate in the depths there, but I do see where one could draw similarities, definitely. It's almost ironic how muddled and bland it seems post-louche will all these little nuances out of the bottle...
  14. Hey Henry! Welcome! You should introduce yourself, my friend!

  15. Hi's referring to the "premium" brands from La Fee. They're good, don't get me wrong, I just think they're a little overpriced, too. More so now than ever with Pacifique and Marteau readily available stateside!
  16. I'm still stuck at the airport, so I may head back to Friday's for a drink soon...
  17. You should hang out with me and speedle sometime! You finish those bottles quickly, son!
  18. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you last night!

  19. It was a great piece! Closing lines were rather amusing, also.
  20. This story is everywhere on Twitter right now: The Story On top of that the opening line claims absinthe was formerly hallucinogenic! Didn't we just correct these buffoons not a month ago? I used to go through and write-up a list of corrections and send it to the publisher, but only once has it ever been changed, so I've all but given that up... Anyway, one more obstacle in the way of taking down LTV. They may be snakes, but they have keen business sense (which is the problem). Thoughts?
  21. St. George was serving one at the Absinthe In April event last night with DR. Pepper. Wendell walked up with a glass and I promptly replied, "Ehhhh?!"
  22. Please do! I have subscribing on my to-do short list!
  23. We did touch on that as well, but my phone only records about 15 minutes of conversation, so at least half of the questions got cut, sadly...