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  1. Of all time. Yes, you're right Alan, I just can't believe what a hasty conclusion I came to in no time at all. I'm going to send an e-mail,-no-a personal phone call apology to the poor victims I accused of being rubbish producers like a big fat meanie. *dials*
  2. ************* SINK ( c ) vs. Absinthe Supreme: NO DQ GRUDGE MATCH************* Absinthe Tale of the Tape Time line: May 7th: Alan reports on some questionable findings: Two days later, Absinthe Ben makes a bold proclamation: Shortly following on May 11th, further evidence arrives to support the theory that AS is rubbish: Absinthe Liqueur. It's not looking good for Absinthe Supreme at all, folks! Place your bets; odds are set at 3,107:1!
  3. Oh man, I remember these guys! I messaged them a few months ago and they said they'd like to try another sometime, so hopefully they took the plunge once more. Jason, I think Boggy put it best when he said "The right dose is the one that suits the drinker"...
  4. I don't use my fountain that often because I'm all about exact ratios. AiO speaks the truth about using your brouille with crushed ice, works like a charm.
  5. DM may taste a little waxy at first, but it will clear up within a few weeks. It's absolutely marvelous after a couple of months-glad to see you enjoyed it as much as I did, Gil!
  6. I don't much care for VdF, so I would've served myself well to read this thread before I finished mine off a few days ago...d'oh!
  7. Yeah, let us know what you find out. Oh, and just to clarify, to retweet, you just type "RT" at the beginning of your tweet, right?
  8. Maybe you could get your friends to buy a bottle each and throw yourselves a little tasting party?
  9. Apparently you're more into this Twitter thing than I am, because I have no idea what retweets are.
  10. Alan, you're the team captain seeing as you actually know the obscure tricks of Twitter. I still don't quite understand some things. What does it mean when someone mentions several names, seemingly in the middle of a sentence? ie: "@girl1 I've been hangout out with @guy1 lately, he's pretty cool." Does that just mean you sent it to both of them? Following both of yours as well as both of Alan's. You're doing a very good job so far, Johanna. If we can get a few more people, we could be like the Seven Samurai, just, you know, without swords... Brian, what is your Twitter page? You should really build up your followers for a while or this will not reach many people. Twitter updating is the same thing as MS bulletins and FB status updates; it will only reach as many people as you befriend, though I suppose if you publish at an opportune hour, it may reach a few searching for absinthe. I'm just asking about this because you mentioned that you just began using Twitter recently. EDIT: Never mind, I found the Twitter page. You may want to hold off a little while until you build a larger following, but that's just my opinion.
  11. Thank God you're helping us educate on Twitter!

  12. No love for Detroit anymore these days, it seems. Have a great time at the launch party, and have a drink for me, won't you? Looking forward to the mag.
  13. Where is this Absinthe and Twitter thread? I searched and didn't come up with anything. I also tried to find WS on Twitter and came up empty handed. EDIT: Never mind, I found the thread in the other forum, I don't know why it didn't show up when I searched for it. Found the Twitter page, too. Brian, you should consider holding off until you gain more followers. It would be best if this reached a larger audience.
  14. Oh, if you guys haven't noticed yet, Joe has stepped up to the plate and left them a comment. Well done! Mr. Stone, you're just no fun at all!
  15. Doubs Mystique. Very drinkable and can be appreciated by casual drinkers and veterans alike. Try a Jade after you've been at it a while.
  16. Joe, congrats on getting the blog up recently! Now it's time to tackle the task of creating a Myspace page!
  17. Wonderful idea, Alan. He also describes t-jone as a "wormwoody compound". Sounds like he just spent houuuurs of research for this article... EDIT: Are you kidding me? I just realized I have this guy's book. Still a moron, though... DOUBLE EDIT: Changed effing moron to just "moron"
  18. I did sip a bit of Mrs. speedle's cocktail made with St. George and root beer called "Root of All Evil." Intriguing. Hmm, I hope I didn't offer you some of someone else's drink! What? I could've sworn that was you. But hell, I did drink a ton that night, so you're probably right! That does sound like it would work brilliantly, yes! I may just have to pick up a bottle soon and try that out!
  19. I don't give a shit about getting tons of heat from the Czechsinthers, so as long as it is alright with you Brian, I'd like to post the top 5 worst in the US.
  20. If you need any advertising or promotional services, I'm currently freelance, but I'll be applying for a loan this fall to start my own small company, myself. PM me when you get a little closer to getting things off the ground and I can offer you a special rate for being an absinthe establishment.
  21. Tremolo, good to have you! Hope you'll stay a while! What absinthe have you tried?
  22. Judging from the observations of Alan's keen eye (good catch), I'm deeming this absinthe an epic fail until I taste otherwise.