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  1. Howdy, newest member! Join in the conversation sometime!:)

  2. I'd like to be more specific here, but it would take me half an hour to quote and reply to every snippet, so I'll just say this: I do appreciate the warnings of possible legal action, but for a lot of us, our approach will always lean toward a more aggressive style. That's just who we are. If I'm going to dedicate 20+ hours of my own time each week to guiding newcomers, I'll be damned if I'm not going to be upfront with them. That's not to say, of course, us more aggressive types will not do so in a tasteful manner. Any absinthe enthusiast on MS, FB, Twitter, Youtube, etc will tell you that us regular watchdogs tell it to them straight, but are hardly spreading counter-intuitive slander along the way. I strongly disagree with the overly clear-cut analogy of professional or brash as the only two ways to approach a situation...there IS a middle ground. Joe elaborates on this view ever so eloquently in the previous page, suggesting a more stern attitude with known repeat offenders, for instance. LTV is a perfect example of a product whose staff has a HISTORY of taking the low road. It is incidents like these that require more than just the occasional correction, but a CONTINUOUS watchdog/evangelical campaign to inform the masses of said deception. Obviously, LTV is not alone, nor should an offensive campaign rely solely on criticism, but my point is that it's more dangerous to overlook the negatives than to neglect preaching the positives. I will refrain from doing so here at WS as a courtesy, to avoid any risk of involving the staff or other members, but my current agenda elsewhere will remain unchanged.
  3. Good man, Jason! Can't wait to hear both of your thoughts. On a related note, I've been working with the New York Spirits Awards and have been told they are entering this...we'll see if it is good enough to take home a medal in their first competition!
  4. Louched up an HG that arrived at my doorstep this afternoon. Much more than I was expecting-shows some serious potential. Now trying to polish off a bottle of cognac, but after going out last night, I may just leave a little in the bottle. I feel the same way. EASILY one of the best gins I've ever tasted in my life!
  5. I understood the message, and won't make any post like this anymore. I'd like to say that, if it's true that I am a vendor, I am an absinthe passionate too and I'm just trying to be honnest by answering the questions. I feel the same way. I may be a producer now, but I was an absinthe educator and evangelist first—and I still am. However, because of the opportunity for conflicts of interest, I refrain from reviewing products publicly and have removed my earlier reviews from the site. What we?? I really do believe you want us* to get sued. If you want to turn your blog into an Absinthe Inquisition, be my guest, but there's no room for lynch mobs and blacklists at WS. WS is not here to put people out of business, it's here to present facts. Show me one professional, reputable and dignified wine review site that lists products in this way. It's bad enough we have to list faux absinthes in their own category, instead of not listing them at all. * [edit: And when I say "us" I mean WS.] What is the point of WS existing if it does not do what is in its power to be a whistleblower against those demolishing the reputation of absinthe? Like it says on the front page, you ARE the premier absinthe association in the country-WS has some serious pull in the absinthe world, and one front-page article about this could have an unimaginable reach. You're here to present facts and the truth, but what good is it if the lies of others are not corrected along the way? If you're afraid of getting sued, we are not going to twist your arm, but it is not going to instill confidence in Alan, myself, or anyone else paying attention. We may be the only ones making our opinions public, but we are certainly not the only ones with these sentiments. I see more griping about over-quoting posts than arguments against LTV here. You may not be here to put people out of business, but if it is for the greater good, I AM for putting the liars and snakes out of business.
  6. No more mister nice guy. I'm sick of this same shit over and over, beating around the bush to be polite...no more. It's time to get serious and quit playing softball with the middleschool team. Exactly. If all the other evidence wasn't enough, this small snippet shows his true colours as bright as day. He's basically saying "hey thujone-loving gang, we all know thujone is the true reason for drinking absinthe, but lets keep hush-hush about this around the big bad absinthe snobs." Yes, please do that. Moreover, if I understand the critiques about the marketing being done around this product, wait for the review before crticise the product itself. Antione, as mentioned earlier, you're just as guilty for not just selling this stuff, but putting it front and centre, even going so far as to start a thread especially for it here in the highest-traffic forum at the most active absinthe forum around. Even if you genuinely didn't mind the taste (which I don't buy at all-your tasting notes sounded WAY fake), you must have been aware of their underhanded, deceptive marketing to some degree. You have NO excuse. We all really need to take a bigger stand on this thujone issue. I am sure you already bring it to the attention of producers but can we force the issue? For instance, could the website list producers who hype thujone and expose them in a "name and shame" column? I may do a blog article on this, but maybe some here have other ideas too. If everyone else is too afraid to publish such a list due to legal issues, backlash or what have you, let me be the first to volunteer. And I already know of several others in the Absinthe Mafia that will help. Alan, this is a great idea and I will support you 100%. Gwydion, you mentioned that in comparison no wine review sites do any sort of lynching with low-quality wines. Of course not, but then they don't have the masses lying about thier products, either, so as far as I see it, it is fair game.
  7. What truth are you seeking, exactly?:)

  8. A lot of people here will tell you Montmartre's cinnamon character was too spicy, but I really enjoyed it, so clearly I have a higher tolerance...but I still thought La Charlotte was too spicy. Extra water helps, but the full flavour pays the price. Again, not bad, but it may turn some people off. But don't let me discourage you. At that bargain basement price you may as well give it a shot... Try Doubs Mystique and you'll take a liking to mint, I assure you.
  9. Ironically, DUNY is on Myspace! Check my top friends...
  10. Greetings and welcome, my friend. Right on. When in doubt, go with Matter. Have you had any of their products besides the blanche?
  11. Alan, it appears you have predicted the outcome of this thread perfectly. Minott is gone, and something tells me he's not coming back... Sounds like someone didn't read the first 6 pages!
  12. Just to clarify, this is a permanent price drop-even better than a sale! I found La Charlotte to be too spicy, but for $30 it's the new "why the hell not" absinthe of the US!
  13. Peridot, I did not realize Lucid had changed so much. I also remember the caramel-ish flavour and murkiness. Do you think this change is due to inconsistent batches or a result of a tweaked formula? I haven't had Lucid since the first DUNY restock batch in fall '07!
  14. Where's Ken? He's going to kill me for my lacklustre sample bottles if he sees these beauties!
  15. Yes, lets! It'll separate the boy palates from the men's! What you're saying is that well water is the most historically accurate water to use, which is true. But we're talking about the best, not the most accurate. Bottled water WAS essentially tap water...before it was purified and bottled. It should be noted that there are "purified" brands that use minimal filtering and are not completely pure. You should purchase only brands that specifically indicate RO/distilled. Dex, I agree completely with you. You're correct, the source of spring water varies in quality. I should have clarified my post; I researched this extensively last year and Fuji was the only major brand deemed pure. There are, of course, some smaller brands that were overlooked, and there could possibly be newer brands that have since been added to the acceptable list. On a semi-related note, shower head purifiers are also an option to look into if you have the money, especially if you live in an area with very hard water, as it will degrade the quality of your hair and skin. How long did you sell filtration systems? Down with the tap!
  16. Purer water=better tasting absinthe, period. Distilled or reverse osmosis is always a safe bet. Avoid spring water with the exception of Fuji, which is the only brand that has drastically reduced their mineral levels.
  17. I've been pressed for time recently and haven't had the chance to read every single post, so bear with me if this has been asked already, but: MINOTT: Just to clarify, what PRECISELY caused you to plan the LTV formula change? Surely it must have been something major. Pressure from the TTB? Or just constantly poor feedback from your consumers? HIRAM: Why in the hell is minott a "gold member"? Furthermore, what in the blazes IS a gold member?
  18. Scuto beat me to it, but that's the most important point you should be taking away from this thread, Joe. If you don't like anise, why in the hell are you drinking absinthe in the first place? And scuto, I think you had a typo in there. I do believe "less reason" should be "no reason". Just a friendly grammar correction.
  19. I see they approved several of my comments, but refused to print the one that criticized the NYT for irresponsibly tasting at a single ratio...how convenient.
  20. Just sent you a Myspace friend request.:)

  21. Minott, while I stand by my comments in your introduction thread, and I am still very skeptical about your new product, I must commend you for taking some action to improve the current formula. How large an improvement it will be remains to be seen, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. What other information can you give us about this? Estimated release, essences or dried herbs, if you are going to go use a traditional selection of herbs in the colouring step, etc would give us more confidence in your product. Granted it is not too far off, I will give you the courtesy of holding off on publishing a review until the new formula is released. I cannot overlook the quality of the current product, however, so I will include brief notes on the former product along with the evaluation of the improved formula.
  22. There are so many comments at this point, extensive responses are going to be overlooked in the sea of others. I did leave a comment (pending approval), but I'm focusing more of my effort talking to the source of our problems himself in the Newcomer Introduction forum... Kudos to Kirk for stepping up, by the way.
  23. Minott, I won't be unfair with you, but I'm going to have be more heavy-handed than the rest of the bunch. I wont resort to name calling or shouting, but you, sir, have been the source of a constant headache for me for months. I've spent literally hundreds of hours of my life correcting misconceptions and outright lies from your marketing team and blog spammers. Ditto for Alan, Brian, Jason W (owner of Absinthe Drinkers on Myspace), and more recently joining the absinthe truth team, britgeekgrrl. We don't get paid a cent to seek out falsehoods and do our best to get newcomers up to speed with accurate information. We do it because we love absinthe, and we wish to maintain the integrity of this drink we know and love. I don't see that level of respect from you or your team. I see these articles in the press one after another letting us know that "absinthe is no longer hip". Well I never asked for absinthe to be hip, so why should I now be insulted as being "unhip" for drinking it? I see LTV sponsoring club parties and other hipster-related rubbish, yet when the critics-many of whom consider your product the face of mainstream absinthe in America-really sit down and consider the quality of your product, they come to the conclusion that absinthe is not all it's cracked up to be. That leads to negative press. That leads to the uninformed liquor store owner being told the party's over, and there's no need to save a spot on the shelf for absinthe anymore. I could go on, but I want my points to be brief enough that you are able to respond without being overwhelmed. Again, I'll hear you out and let you say your piece, but by all means, please provide me with some sort of explanation for your actions, which are rapidly eroding the reputation of absinthe. By the way, welcome to the forums.
  24. Oh good Lord, I had no idea there was even a platinum until you mentioned this. The description is a long as an ITT tech pamphlet, but really only says "we added even MORE thujone! Hooray for flavoured vodka!"