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  1. This article is one of many our "friend" absinthe_drinker seems to be promoting on Twitter. He completely ignores my suggestions to read what he posts first. Bah, can't win 'em all...
  2. Hey Slippy, welcome! Any relation to a certain character from Star Fox? By the way, you certainly chose a winner for a first absinthe!
  3. I thought the Pacifique was a little dull freshly uncracked, but you're dead on about the WW/MoL. Excellent stuff right away!
  4. Seconded, ol buddy. Reading the DROVES of ignorant comments here makes it feel like we've gotten nowhere. "Is the horrible licorice taste of Absente unique to that brand? Does Taboo taste significantly better or not? My friends and I have already wasted our money on Absente and we just assumed that all Absinthe is horrible." Comments like these make me want to weep tears of defeat, because even if we can make it so far as to educate everyone not to flame absinthe, and what genuine absinthe is, we'll never be able to erase this misconception...
  5. Yes, this could be the "rebel" absinthe that refuses to conform to the cocktail-loving masses. Alan, tell Bugnon to get to work on this highly marketable masterpiece.
  6. Ok, I lied, I still crack 90% of new arrivals as soon as I get them...
  7. Yeah, I don't crack every new arrival open right away anymore either. I have close to 20 bottles open at a time, so you really have to plan out "ok, I'll let myself crack this once I finish this, this, and this".
  8. Wow, I'd better get a calendar that ain't broke! I could've sworn it was past the first of April...
  9. From the descriptions, the author of this list sounds like the biggest frat boy ever. Anyone have a photo of him?
  10. Then I've illustrated my point perfectly.
  11. Maybe we should drop this subject altogether, as a certain favourite overseas vendor to many of our WS members uses USPS, which is illegal. Though I can name at least three others that do the same thing... It is probably best not call it (publicly) when someone brings attention to sending alcohol through the mail.
  12. Oh, I didn't click on the 'All Reviews' link to see how that would shake out. But if you read the review, you obviously know that I can't disagree with it being at #1. (Now to go check my couch cushions for enough change to buy a bottle of MoL.... don't wait up...) And Cheryl, thanks so much for all of the effort and long hours that must have gone into making such a fine product. I look forward to enjoy many more bottles of it over the years! Wow! I didn't realize until now that WW now tops the list! Congrats, Cheryl!
  13. Minott, I'm glad you're implementing some of the proposed changes on your website. But if you have not seen it already, you will want to contact absintheology.com about their description. It is INCREDIBLY misleading: LTV PAGE HERE "WHAT DISTINGUISHES LE TOURMENT VERT FROM OTHER ABSINTHES? 3. Contains Thujone – Maximum amount allowed by US TTB" and "WILL IT MAKE YOU HALLUCINATE? We believe the effect of Le Tourment Vert is different for each individual. Try it and decide for yourself." Also, it states on your website that LTV is "handmade". Please explain. Lastly, your answer to Alan's question about the recipe: The fact is, it IS misleading, and it should be changed to "inspired by", if that. Of course, even changing it on your website would do nothing to address the thousands of flyers, pamphlets, and other promotional materials where this is likely inaccurately stated...
  14. Bryan, I doubt the fellows at LTV feel any sort of remorse, but I hope that at least one of them reads that powerful statement and hangs their head in shame. Well said, my friend.
  15. I think it is great that Lucid is making half-size bottles available, and I'm sure this will attract a lot more new absinthe enthusiasts. I also saw something yesterday on Facebook that revealed another brand, but it escapes me now, bah... Anyone know of other confirmed brands? Other Viridian absinthe, perhaps?
  16. Sold. We have three new believers! pt, I'm so glad to hear you were as blown away as I was! Dammit hearing you talk about it makes me want another glass... I'm convinced the ceramic has something to do with how good it is. Out of all the arak brands I've tasted, the best was aged in ceramic. I've tried at least 30 blanche absinthe brands, and now my favourite is from one housed in a ceramic bottle. Hmm... On an off-note, I don't know if I mentioned this, but I have a large storage container I keep a lot of my absinthe in (my place isn't huge, and this also keeps them out of the sun). When I open it, I smell a faint aroma of wormwood, but since I've cracked the Essai 4, it is now INTENSE. I can open the lid of the container and smell it standing 3 or 4 feet away...unreal.
  17. Nice find, Jay! That was one in a million, ha ha...
  18. Hey man, I got one mini bottle left if you want a sample of something!

  19. Yep, tis me! What's been up with you? I think your description was probably more legible than the Babelfish version (though not as chuckle-worthy, ha ha...). Banana-flavoured Republicsinthe...
  20. Damn, ya beat me to it, heavyharpoon! I was going to say they just sent me a MS request: http://www.myspace.com/aderlass_gothicfashion
  21. Probably closer to Duplais-quality. I don't think FG exceeds any of Matter's products (er, with the exception of Marteau), which have only gotten better over time. Any new Matter product is worth trying, so I may just order a bottle of this. The babelfish translation of the description: "Bleeding Absinthe becomes with proverbial Swiss precision and care after a French prescription from that 19. Century manufactured. For production only the high-quality herbs are used. Distillation on old fuel ports ensures a highest possible authenticity. Thus it is guaranteed that the balanced flavour corresponds to the historical collecting mains. Faithfully the original prescription bleeding Absinthe without the addition is manufactured of artificial coloring materials. By the natural Koloration with herbs suspended matter of the herbs at the bottle ground can set off with storage. Store please protected from light! Bleeding Absinthe is available with many bleeding dealers, in the liquor specialized trade and in well sorted Absinth Onlineshops. Larva in Switzerland Bleeding Absinthe is manufactured under license by olive matte AG in Kallnach (Switzerland). The traditional company prepared already in the fourth generation according to traditional method noble liquor to and is meanwhile on authentic Absinthe from that 19. Century specializes. " We risk everything, which finest liquor herzustellen" - at this principle of Ernst Luginbühl Bögli since the foundation of a firm in the year 1920 nothing changed, several international honors are the proof for this claim of quality." "Bleeding" Absinthe that uses red lettering, and is 66% alcohol? Sounds like Mansinthe's son.
  22. That Todd guy is relentless. He defends every single LTV comment, and clearly has an agenda against WS and TARN. Check the other absinthe posts; if it doesn't involve LTV, he's not interested. I'd be shocked if he wasn't one of LTV's reps.
  23. Great review! From what you've described, I'd definitely buy a bottle if a few ever pop up in my area, however unlikely. You said it had a tea-like quality in the finish...I think that can be as large a factor as the hibiscus when it comes to personal preference. The sample of Redux distiller's proof I tried had a definite tea-like quality to it as well, which is something I have tasted in few absinthes.