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  1. A night filled with smoke would certainly make things foggy, wouldn't it?
  2. LdF is great, but they need to add the Eich 70/80/78, and drop the Un Emile rubbish already... Problem is there's not enough genuine, quality US absinthe to add anything else. More will be added when more good stuff is produced! By the way, finally got around to trying my Corsair Red last night...not good, sadly. Shame, as they did make a genuine effort to produce a good absinthe from what I could tell, it just seemed a misguided effort
  3. After seeing Kamal's office firsthand it's a wonder he can even find the orders. Seriously though, DUNY certainly has everything going for it. Even aside from the free (and rather speedy) S/H, they constantly ask for and genuinely listen to customer feedback. And let's see another US-based vendor whose selection can even touch DUNY's...no comparison.
  4. No, you get the bug after you finish the assinth. Months ago, when I had more time to police Youtube, I came across this (and left an appropriate comment, ho ho):
  5. Yes, welcome, and do give us the lowdown on this mysterious glass.
  6. It's like watching a film in real-life!
  7. You're right, only time will tell. Though I still don't completely agree. Twitter can easily be used by families for a teenager to let his parents know where he's at, for instance, without his folks having to wade through bucketloads of surrounding comments or pointless, cluttered "Absinthe_Ben clicked on a link just now!" activity stream updates. Even my mother has a Twitter account solely due to its ease of use... While impressive, I don't see the Facebook numbers as "staggering", so much as "predictable". Where was Myspace a year ago when FB started to gain that momentum? Trying to tackle a massive spam outbreak and fixing bugs in preparation of Profile 2.0. 1000% more spam a year ago than today on MS. Unsure if an end could be in sight, many users flocked to the #2 network. To MS's credit, they've completely overhauled their security (no spam messages for months among 1,800 friends), layout, and coding. It just took them so long that a lot of users have already forgotten about them. But for those that use it on a daily basis, it should be obvious that the changes have streamlined things without sacrificing any of their already-superior customization. But like you said, it will be a while before we'll have an idea which direction they're headed long-term.
  8. Yes, exactly. Not to mention films renting ad space as "skins", and huge front page ads that Facebook lacks means significantly more profit for MS. Myspace isn't going anywhere with the amount of pure profit they're raking in. Also like you said, there are lots of bands, smaller companies, or promotions that use a Myspace page as a free replacement for a website. Think of the high level of customization with a little HTML know-how. Click any page for a motion picture and you'll see a perfect example of how it can be completely retooled to look like an actual static web page. Nice, simple URL, too (myspace.com/mypage). Simple and easy to remember, unlike Facebook, which, from what Alan has said, still has no real solution to their mess. By the way, I didn't mean to suggest that Twitter will ever be a replacement for MS/FB, but I do think it will eventually exceed both of them. Twitter is so simple and quick, and is basically a standalone script of the top feature of both leading networking sites: status updates. Think about it, how many people do you know that have JUST a Twitter account? Most users are going to have that in addition to a full-featured networking account. But the point is, no matter which service a user decides to go with, Twitter is the quintessential "may as well" service of choice. The mobile aspect, which Twitter is dominating, shouldn't be underestimated, either.
  9. Where does it say your custom URL on the FB page? I made one with the fbook.me the day the program came out, then about a week later, there was a prompt on my Home page for what looked like another personalized URL offered directly from Facebook, not an app. Set both of them, but can't find either of them plainly listed. If you have to go into an app or account information to retrieve it that's just idiotic...Myspace has been doing it right for years, putting it clearly in plain sight on the Home page. Of course, part of FB's failure is due in part to their narrow outlook initially in assuming people wouldn't want the full functionality of Myspace sooner or later. Being told you cannot even set an informal username to sign up was a massive, massive mistake. Only a matter of time until Twitter exceeds them now...
  10. I've got to applaud him, he really stood up for genuine absinthe in that BTB article.
  11. By "questionable" I think you mean "atrocious"! We need to realize that a lot of these store owners are in it almost solely for the money. I've met with a lot of them, and there aren't many that genuinely care about maintaining a quality selection or listening to customer feedback. If you can find one that is genuinely dedicated to quality, they deserve your business.
  12. Looks like a Room Temp Drinkers Inc. reunion, including myself.
  13. Hell of a job, Ron; people are going to be passing those things out with AUTHORITY!
  14. Wow, I feel sorry for the poor absinthe trying to follow that act.
  15. Hey-o, good to have you. Looks like you're quite the active poster already!
  16. Hopefully the delivery truck is arriving at her door with a second 30 litre.
  17. Thanks, I have just added you. I see you weren't kidding after seeing the last update! Don't underestimate the potential of Facebook (or any other networking site) as a marketing tool. If you target the right people you can acquire some real momentum with not a lot of effort, all without shelling out a penny.
  18. Opaline Limited, Promethee, Essai 4, Belle Amie...all these one-shot absinthes make me question if there is some global conspiracy to stop us from drinking our favourite brands.
  19. My local Costco doesn't sell liquor, so this is beyond frustrating...
  20. So, Djabel is finally starting to hit store shelves, is it? Time to form some sort of street team to "suggest" these liquor store owners remove it from their shelves (with a baseball bat). Good man, Brian!
  21. A24 is the only place that sells the Limited version as far as I know. It's good, definitely prefer it to the standard one-stronger, cleaner wormwood that still retains the fruity undertones, also less mint and anise. I delayed the review a bit for some comparisons to the Limited and Angelique, which I didn't think to do initially (totally forgot I had the Limited version). It will be up soon, though. Both are just slightly lacking in richness, but I would suggest either regardless. This talk of it makes me wonder how many bottles of this limited version are left. If Alan's around, perhaps he can clarify.
  22. I tried both the standard and Limited Edition Opaline this week. It's good! I'm posting a review tomorrow if you're still curious about it.
  23. I have you guys in Absinthe Review's Top Friends on Myspace and have been following on Twitter for a while. I don't think I have you on Facebook, though. Can you give me a link to your page?