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  1. Missing fennel yes, but I was told by a certain HG distiller that is familiar with the distillery that it was filtered. I figured that would make sense considering how bland it is.
  2. Bryan, you are gaining fans of Obsello by the droves! Your crew is really getting into this absinthe thing! I saw on twitter that you even had Obsello on the Mutineer bus!
  3. Montmartre is great, though you'll hear some people who believe it is too far off base with the pronounced cinnamon. My personal suggestion is to buy it anyway. François Guy isn't bad, but overly-filtered and very simple. I'm not sure Mme Bugnon would be happy with that picturesque description! As Brian says there were several bleues pre-legalisation, but Claude-Alain's was the most famous (or infamous, for the local authorities) and Bettina certainly promoted and sold his absinthe. I expect several members here paid $200 for his earliest clandestine absinthes. I confess to not currently having a copy of Sip of Seduction so I can't answer Jay's question definitively. If the distiller in question is described as wearing a blue lab coat all the time, then that would be good evidence! It may have been clarified in later editions, but the first printing was very vague. Eric probably knows which they were referring to if someone wants to shoot him an e-mail.
  4. Jen, you can hang with the big boys from the sound of it!
  5. Nice Brian, I was just handed a package by the FedEx guy with my bottle about 20 minutes ago. Just cracked it open to give it a quick whiff. You're right, you can tell immediately there is no green anise. But it is a pleasant aroma that is complex and floral, yes. The nose was star anise and geranium, bit of spice, and as Brian pointed out, there's no missing the unusual base. I'll sit down for a tasting soon as well. By the way, Ansley just sent me the purchase link if anyone is interested in purchasing a bottle: http://www.caddellwilliams.com/catDetail.php?id=3
  6. YUP. Too many others to list. Eich 80, Opaline, a steady supply of Essai 4, and 1797 Roquette come to mind.
  7. I'm not familiar with everyone on that list, but congrats just the same! Bill, ya made it, buddy.
  8. What county of Michigan do you live in? I have some fresh/2+ year aged Duplais if you want to stop by for a comparison.
  9. As someone else who obviously has to use the Google translator, I held my tongue when I read that announcement. I had to PM Habu for clarification at least once, too. You gotta be sure about these things! Seriously though everyone, I'd have to second Alan's recommendation. Despite being a Mafia, everyone there is very very cool, and there are some great brand discussions going on. Martin, you need to start dropping flyers from a helicopter to promote this forum.
  10. I see you have updated your sig accordingly. That's an extremely generous offer for 10 lucky folks.
  11. Good man, Brian. I will give him a call also for some added encouragement. If we can seal the deal and have him pick up St. Antoine (to REPLACE Koruna) it will be a huge sigh of relief for all of us. In the meantime, we'll have to patrol harder than ever to make sure people aren't pre-ordering this awful stuff...
  12. When I heard about this over at Absinthe Mafia it was indeed a day of celebration! Martin's recent actions-removal of any hint of thujone on his shop, adding Swiss brands, and raising awareness that there is now AUTHENTIC absinthe from the CR-could result in massive influential leaps down the line.
  13. Knowledge among the consumer is important too. They have to know why they should pay twice the price or more. And I think it's easier to promote a craft whiskey/gin/etc since there's plenty of people drinking those spirits already. Absinthe, people still think it tastes like black licorice, and if you've had one, you've had them all. And for a bar that has a couple absinthes: St George and Lucid (or other brands), that they got when they thought they had to have absinthe but now don't sell very well, it's much harder to get them to add to their collection. I cannot emphasize enough what great points you've made, and how you've illustrated how ignorance leads to a shrinking market. This explains perfectly, in only a few sentences, why we should be correcting and informing whenever possible. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta set some people straight on Twitter.
  14. As always, Jen contributes with a thoughtful, informative post. Thank you for understanding the need for patience, and at the same time grasping the wide-scale influence this will have as time goes on. Two other things: -I think a LOT of us are tempted to have a glass of absinthe with lunch, this is surely normal. -Kittens are da greatest, please post photos of them in the drunken rant thread one of these days.
  15. Woah, a KOS copycat would actually be even worse knowing that there are two such products being produced independently...
  16. All complete lies and an OBVIOUS reference indicating this is King of Spirits. Do we have any idea if they've begun advertising yet? I can only imagine how full of bullshit their ads must be... Brian speaks the truth. Just let it slide for a few days everyone, and we will have something to make Kamal reconsider veeeeery quickly.
  17. What the hell?! Kamal is going to get a spirited voicemail in a second!
  18. Excellent suggestion Jonathan. Of course they could always retaliate with "nah, this isn't REAL absinthe". :( Good one, Brian.
  19. Eric, look at you, ya hardass, back posting already! Sorry about yesterday, the line was busy when I tried to call you again. Clearly you have a lot of folks that care about you quite a bit! That is a comment that would be perfectly suitable over at the lounge. I will try my best to take it in good humor. I'm glad it wasn't lost on everyone. Healing vibes. That was still in very poor taste, but I'm glad Eric took it well...
  20. It's just another Urban Legend™. It does indeed exist. Join the family. The Mafia
  21. Ok, I finally got through and had a chance to talk with him for a bit. He was riding his bike down the street when a car PLOWED him from behind, just kept on going. The vehicle must have been going very fast without its lights on (it was about 9 PM) because Eric said he didn't see/hear it coming. He went into shock almost instantly from the pain, but thankfully it didn't take too long for the ambulance to arrive. He did mention the doctors believe he will make a FULL recovery, and tomorrow they want him to try walking. No one got a plate number, but supposedly one of the neighbours saw which apartment complex the vehicle drove into, so there's still some hope they could find the person responsible. Even under strong painkillers, he still worried about his booze at home. That's Eric for you. He also said once he got back home he'd make a post updating his condition to assure everyone he was ok. ...uh...
  22. According to Kirk he has a "cracked #1 lumbar vertebrae and elbow plus road burns from head to toe and his Schwinn is trashed." Giving him a call now, so will post more info a little later on.