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  1. Hello, fellow absintheurs! As a lurker here for several years it's great to finally step out from the shadows. Some of you like Mr. Moss and absinthist already know me from Myspace, but for those whom I've yet to get acquainted with it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm currently living in the state of Michigan, which is not only bitter cold and 100% dreadful this time of year, but is almost completely dry when it comes to absinthe. I'm sure you can probably guess how much I love where I'm living at the moment... I founded The Absinthe Review Network in 2007, which is a lot of work, but is still a joy to manage. Reviews tend to be on the sarcastic side, but then I'm a sarcastic man, what can I say? Fun fact about me: I don't know what brought this about, but for some reason I've been infatuated with chicken casserole for the last three days. Someone help me. Here's to many years of great conversation in WS!