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  1. I'm sending PMs totally free of charge* if anyone is feeling left out.... *Limit one complimentary PM per household, per lifetime. Any request of a second PM will result in your credit card being charged immediately, with a recurring charge of $27.95 per month, or $1.95 per PM. Please include your bank account and routing number in your initial reply. Failure to do so will result in severe consequences including, but not limited to, extortion, "special" meetings in the dark alley on your way home from work, and/or being forced to drink a gallon of LTV in one sitting.
  2. I think the name is fun, and don't see people getting hung up over it Antoine. The price is a little more than expected as Peridot said, but I think with the current exchange rate and given the great convenience of this service, it will still be a hit. 30 brands (most of which don't have sample bottle sizes available) available from the get-go is enough that just about anyone can find something they haven't tried yet. Also, as I mentioned to you last week, I think it is a good mix of popular and less-stocked brands. Taking the time to go through and select only GENUINE absinthe shows your focus on quality, and that's something I'm willing to put my support behind.
  3. Likewise, I suddenly feel like a lightweight! And what MAM said. I'd love to keep them, but I just don't have the damn room for the suckers. I tried collecting my more memorable empties for sake, too, but same issue. Anyone have a display case I can..."borrow" for a bit?
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    PM sent. Just one more way to empty my wallet!
  5. Welcome! You are doing wonderful, worthwhile work my friend.
  6. Only in my own mind, yes! Joe, you would make a more interesting subject than me, I'm sure. Few can compete with the volume of alembic porn at your disposal. As Alan and I were discussing earlier today, from the looks of it, this doesn't appear to be a misprint being that it is printed several times at "100". Alan was also quick to point out that Wayback machine cannot be used on a government site, so there's no way to check back. That's a shame, as we may be able to better speculate the cause of this revision if we knew when it was changed...
  7. None of us are obliged to do so, but I think it's important to realize that commenting is by no means wasted effort. A lot of individuals reading through them will not realize they are planted comments, and may take them as truth unless they see a sensible reply.
  8. Yep, if you take the time to watch it, by all means, take just a few seconds to rate the video...accordingly.
  9. Yep. I swear some of those manufactured comments were copied and pasted from the ones they leave on blogs.
  10. It will, and that's the problem. Sensationalism aside, doesn't anyone else find it just too damn corny?
  11. Did anyone else get this? Found a message in my inbox yesterday linking to this: Judging from the comments and ratings, there are a lot of mislead people watching this. If anyone wants to help me set them straight, please feel free...
  12. Truly a slave driver. Gotta agree with the group, chat sessions sometimes get a bit...out of hand...
  13. Yes, we have a way of "dealing with" procrastinators...
  14. I was thinking the same thing... In any case, I'm glad you were able to snatch up a rare find, my friend! In the meantime, have you uncorked and given it a quick whiff yet? Perhaps that will be a little preview for ya.
  15. <cough, cough, bullshit, cough, cough> Brown spice? OK, I'll buy that it's a secret but a cooler name would be better like maybe, Eye of Newt. I think Joe is on to something here. If your blend is secret, you may as well give it a cool name.
  16. This is the most depressing thread I've read since Eric's horrifying accident. I can't stress enough how bad I feel for you, my friend. After hearing about what's happened, I would feel guilty to complain about any recent problems of my own, as they pale by comparison.
  17. Some may conclude that it was a bit much, as there was no single unforgivable action, but as I was reading through that thread I could very clearly envision the same thing happening again with him in a moderator position. After this, maybe I'll just go modless for a while!
  18. The Boggy issue has been dealt with accordingly. He may not consider himself such a good buddy of mine after he reads my reaction to his actions... How could Gwydion have turned down such an innovative submission requirement? And for the record, I don't think of you guys as swine.
  19. Brian deserves a ton of credit for taking that much time to respond. His replies were extensive and absolutely spot on. If our friend is planning on posting another reply I have no idea what he could possibly counter with...
  20. Not for long, I will be reversing this momentarily. That was completely out of line, and Brian did not deserve that. I'm still reading through the TARN thread where things have begun to melt down, and will follow-up once I get some rest.
  21. Agreed! I talked with him a little on Twitter and he certainly does seem to have the right idea. I'm not sure of his experience, but it's at least over a dozen brands, as I believe he said he had a whopping FIFTEEN brands to review! If anyone else wants to RT the LTV review, please do.