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  1. You should put on a jacket, you look cold in that photo my friend. Cheers!

  2. Hopefuly OdieDog has not ODed on Obsello this New year's Eve!;)

  3. Cheers! happy New Year!

  4. Hello and welcome Stephanie. Cheers!

  5. Hey man, great thread about benefits of alcohol!:)

  6. Hi there, new member. I hope you'll stick around for a while!

  7. man, I haven't seen Ron or Ken either here or at TARN forum for a while now. Tell them to quit hiding for so long, will ya?:)

  8. Just saw some photos from the get-together with Joe. Man, that looked like a good time!

  9. Yep, nothing like some good video games! Do you have 360?

  10. Hey man, I got one mini bottle left if you want a sample of something!

  11. Howdy, newest member! Join in the conversation sometime!:)

  12. What truth are you seeking, exactly?:)

  13. Just sent you a Myspace friend request.:)

  14. Thank God you're helping us educate on Twitter!

  15. Hello! Looks like you've joined quite a while ago, but haven't posted much. Why not swing by a thread and say hello?

  16. Hope you stick around, my friend!

  17. It's awesome that you joined-up!^_^

  18. Hey Henry! Welcome! You should introduce yourself, my friend!

  19. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you last night!

  20. I really need to get some damn sleep, but I'm too damn giddy over DUNY, ha ha...

  21. how is it that you change your name every 5 seconds?:)