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  1. Distilled spirits made by the lowest bidder.... Yuck. Thats like WAL-BEER.... ICKY. I love good beer and they don't make one I would consider good.
  2. One sunday night I am gathering a bunch of friends to go the the absinthe l o u n g e. They do Karaoke every sunday night. Something about absinthe fueled karaoke sounds really fun and really dangerous at the same time. Except that they can't serve real absinthe. But I may bring a real bottle and see how much attention I get. I am going to ask about the eduard in the photo. I would be stunned if they serve it. Drunken Karaoke.... Is that redundamt?
  3. One thing I have noticed about Herbsaint is the flavour is multilayered and pretty good, but it doesn't seem to louche well at all. That surprised me. Its a great price and is tasty, but it barely gets cloudy, and I used very cold filtered water and icy bottled water. It just doesn't seem to louche much. I am going to try the frappe and some of the other recipes for it. Something tells me I will enjoy Herbsaint more that way.
  4. Enjoy the good stuff and welcome.
  5. If I am going to have something shipped to Dallas from the UK it will be the real thing. It seems to me it would be a waste to ship a pastis that far. What does the group think is the best way to introduce friends to Absinthe?
  6. Welcome. After your shipment arrives you should post your reaction. I am hoping to run into some others who enjoy the green hour here in Dallas, TX.
  7. <Sarcasm> Damn Damn Damn !!! You mean chugging Absinthhh won't make me see spritely Lesbian Faeries !! Dammit !!! </Sarcasm>
  8. I am curious as to the consensus as to peoples opinions as to what the best pastis is. I have not seen a thread on this topic and I think it might be fun. I have tried Herbsaint and Absente and I don't have much of a preference either way. I did notice that Herbsaint says it has USDA artifical colors in it. That seemed odd to me. Itsn't it a sign of an inferior product if it needs artifical color. Hopefully this will spark a spirited debate. I am getting the "real stuff" soon. I do wish that it weren't so complicated to get ahold of real absinthe. Chat away, Joel.
  9. They are both pastis, which is to say Absinthe *without* wormwood/thojone. I liked both Herbsaint and Absente about the same. I know lots of others prefer Herbsaint. I will say that for the money Herbsaint is a better buy. The packaging of Absente is great. The fancy box with a nice absinthe spoon is really good. But here in Dallas I can get a bottle of Herbsaint for less than $20.00 whereas Absent is a little over $30.00. I would be interested in what the groups consensus is to the best pastis is. -- Joel.
  10. Welcome from Dallas, "Where the Men are Pretty and the Women are Strong"
  11. Enjoy you shipment. May your stash always be full.
  12. Enjoy the Pics. I think you will enjoy the photos. Even with the evil fire photo. -- Joel.
  13. Articles on Absinthe graced our local rag "quick". Think daily paper condensed to fit the "entertainment tonight" demographic. But the photo is pretty so I figured the folks on here would enjoy them. Only negative is they espouse the evil fire technique. The articles are at http://www.quickdfw.com/poplife/quickbites...1.139d0bfa.html and http://www.quickdfw.com/poplife/quickbites...1.139cf409.html -- Joel. P.S. The photos are all taken in the absinthe l o u n g e. http://www.absinthelounge.net
  14. Thanks for the warm greetings all. So far I have really enjoied the tastes of the pastis I have tried. The real thing is on it way so that should be a new experience. I was surprised at the complicated nature of both the preparation and the taste. The funny thing is that I was a bartender in College and I never saw any of these. Be it Herbsaint, Ricard or Pernod. But then when you are working at a "Cruisy" gay bar the drinks are not the main attraction. But then I like Cruisy gay bars. I did notice one strange thing in my post, which is it replaced the word L O U N G E with M O S H P I T. Whats up with that? So far the only to pastis I have tasted are Herbsaint and Absente, both of which I enjoied but I think I like the Herbsaint better. But the Absente is packaged in a nice gift box with an absinthe spoon. Its amazing how good marketing can move product. Is there a concensus on the quickiest vendor I was looking at absinthe-distribution.com and absintheonline.com? Also, while I want two bottles of Jade (one N.O. and one Eduard) I think I am going to get the N.O. and the F.G. Price does play somewhat of an issue. Luckily so far I have really enjoied the taste of anise flavoured drinks. So I suspect I will enjoy the real thing. -- Joel.