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  1. I bartered with my stepson to have a bottle sent to me. He lives in Pennsylvania near Harrisburg. He is going to send me a bottle in return for a fair amount of Wisconsin cheese. He wants 9 year old Sharp Cheddar and an assortment of other types. I have checked shipping prices from the various flying monkeys, he may have to send me 2 bottles.
  2. hello everyone, i first learned of absinthe in the mid to late 1970's in an HighTimes magazine article. i never expected to be able taste it in this life. a few months ago i saw a reference to it somewhwere here on the net. i have been researching(laws,availability,varieties and anything related), anything i can find since then. this seems to be the best, most informed and genuinely helpful place i have found. thank you. i recieved a bottle of absente for christmas, i realise this is not a real or a representative of a decent absinthe. there are a couple of brands that are rated fairly high that are available at my local liquer store, one of which is Kübler. i am looking forward to trying this soon. the absente had a strong anise flavor and i was surprised by the lack of alchahol burn at 110 proof. the bottle is nearly empty after one afternoon-evening of "sampling". i did share samples with friends.