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  1. 'For when you havn't had enough Absinthe flavor for 1 night...
  2. Yess. A couple Absinthes and a couple Heinekins, and I'm feelin' no pain!
  3. I stuffed a bottle of St. Georges Absinthe in my bag for the flight home from California. I love it! I like it better than my Duplais Verte, and the Mansinthe. 'Really good; at least this batch! It's the smootest and most flavorfull in my limited experience.
  4. No worries. Yes. Are you using a slow pour? Or power louching? We have had spirited debates on how a slow pour vs. a power louche will affect the outcome of the louche. Sorry that I've been away, But I'm back on the boards as the weekends are for leisure! But for a Sprite mix, the K53 smokes right up with a caveman pour!
  5. Ahem, sorry Madam... It's been a couple of weeks since I've had the VC. Now that the weekend is here, I'm finding that the 2 weeks ownership has enhanced the tast of my VC. I wonder if it's the time, and or the fact that I've exposed it to the open air. Either way, it tastes better than it did 2 weeks ago. But it still doesn't louce. But rerally that's a minor point, because it's all about the taste; and it does taste better than my K53.
  6. Mansinthe is quality stuff. I picked up a bottle when I was in California this past July. I thought it to be on par with the Duplais I had last year, with the nod to Duplais. But I think I need to do another showdown just to make sure!
  7. WELL, oil doesn't mix with water. My technique won't change the content, or lack thereof. My bottle won't louche. My girl brought over a crappy rubbing alcohol variety Grande Absente with food coloring; and that stuff clouds upon contact... I'm not crazy...
  8. Are you still using Sprite? Yes sir. However, it will be a great day when I finally get an authentic Absinthe dripper. I'll convert all newbies in my circle with the mystique, potency, and taste of the green fairy. I'm ranting...
  9. Yeah mang, the taste is nice, but there's NO louche at all. Boo... To keep it simple, and to perpetuate my lightweightedness, I mix our beloved spirits with Sprite. But there's no louche at all. All things considered, the bottle prersentation, the color of the drink, and the taste is verry respectable. The only thing that lacks is the louche. There's just not enough essential oils in this mix to make it a homerun. But it's still better than lighterfluid. (LUCID) Not a bad value, but when you look for said louche, it's not there. A few bucks more get you Mansinthe, which I thought was really good! Just a point down from Duplais which has the smoothness, and juicyness that I'VE yet to experience. I'm ranting... Sorry... It still get you drunk; no question!
  10. Now that I've had a few days to compare, overall I'm liking the K53 compared to my PD Vieux Carre. The K53 louches instantly. Unfortunately I cannot get the VC to Louche whatsoever. Maybe it's the batch, but I kinda expect my Absinthe to cloud upon mix.
  11. What? nobody liked my drunken spyhunter reference?
  12. I got a bottle of K53, and gave it a whack of Sprite. It louches up quick like a Spy Hunter smoke screen, and goes down like a Heineken. (not a bad thing BTW...) It's not a Verte, the taste isn't as complex as my last bottle of Mansinthe, or Duplais. But hey, lets get drunk! I'm bartender. You can't beat the value of K53 when you get a Liter bottle, and the Absinthe taste for the money spent.
  13. I'll give it a shot. I have the whole bottle to get it right! However, upon the first mix, there was no louche to speak of.
  14. I just got my bottlew of VC today. It smells great from the bottle. I did a 4:1 mix, with some sugar, and it's very drinkable. By far better than Lucid (lighter fluid) which is at the same price point.