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  1. That's where it was. Lived there for 13 years, more or less. Until last June. Chicago's alright, I guess. But the days tend to pile up on me. Like someone on this thread said, one Montana day is something like 3.1415 days in NY or similarly fashion fast-paced city. ~k~
  2. I placed an order Sunday, a week past, and got the note that it might be 14 days or so before they shipped it. So I was very surprised on Thursday last week when I heard the sound of monkey wings on my doorstep. Four days it took them flyin' monkeys to get across the Pond. Only a day or two longer than "normal" (whatever normal is for flying monkeys). The best shipping time from LdF was when I lived in the spur heel of SW Montana. I ordered on Sunday night and had a package Tuesday morning. I always had better shipping times out there and here in the Big City of Chicago. Funny. I'll take Montana anyday... ~k~
  3. Do they sing in English on any track or is it only good old heathen Swedish (or Finnish)?<{POST_SNAPBACK}> Have they done something in english??? Sounds like heresy to me. I'm not too well informed about what they've done after "Trä" (which I consider one of the most amazing milestones of the scandi music scene). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've heard of some live appearance where they performed "Kruspolska" in English, but otherwise I don't know any record they've made with other than Swedish and Finnish lyrics. Like you say, that would just not be them. "Trä" is really great! After that, they produced two not equally impressing albums, called "Hippjokk" and "Karelia Visa". (And a retrospective album called "1989-2003".) Today the Finnish girls are no longer in the band. If you're into this kind of Nordic folk music, you might wanna check out the group Garmarna. Their album "Vittrad" is, just like "Trä", a true gem in this genre. A heathen milestone, carved in wood, clad in hide. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah... I answered the language question *before* finding this post. I'd love to hear them sing in English; that'd be weirdly great! I wonder if I have Vittrad... *runs and checks* Yes! So many discs and songs, I forget sometimes if I have a title or have just put it on the Want list. So many... but never too many... ~k~
  4. Do they sing in English on any track or is it only good old heathen Swedish (or Finnish)?<{POST_SNAPBACK}> Have they done something in english??? Sounds like heresy to me. I'm not too well informed about what they've done after "Trä" (which I consider one of the most amazing milestones of the scandi music scene). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've never heard them sing in English; I doubt they have anything in such a vulgar tongue. After Trä, some of their stuff seems awkward, but Karelia Visa is really nice. ~k~
  5. A few from my mixed tapes/mp3 playlist: 16 Horsepower, Alan Parsons Project, Apocalyptica Bauhaus, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, Benny Goodman The Beta Band, Billie Holiday, Blue Öyster Cult Bongwater, The Butthole Surfers, The Dandy Warhols Dead Can Dance, Flogging Molly, George Harrison Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Grateful Dead, Hedningarna Iggy Pop, Jethro Tull, King Crimson John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Brubeck Johnny Cash, Keb' Mo', Kronos Quartet Leonard Cohen, Mazzy Star, Lilium Louis Armstrong, The Mekons, Mercan Dede Miles Davis, Neil Young, Nina Simone P J Harvey, The Pixies, Pink Floyd Queen, Radiohead, Ry Cooder Sorten Muld, The Rhythm Devils, Sussan Deyhim Sigur Rós, Shriekback, Sonic Youth Tool, The Velvet Underground, The Violent Femmes Warren Zevon, Woven Hand, Yo Lo Tengo ~k~
  6. For commercial labels, I have tasted nothing finer than the NO. I've been through the windowsill soakers, and a couple of Spanish false colored absinthes, before finding some (now formerly) clandestine Swiss and French bottles; those ranged from pleasant to extraordinary. I've been sampling the selections of LdF for the past few years and have been disappointed by only the Emile(s). My lady and I don't really share the same taste in most absinthes, but we both agree on how good the NO is, and how neither of us care for Emile. I like La Bleue & the Brut d'alambic, she likes the Montmartre and Eichelberger. We're waiting on some François Guy... ~k~
  7. According to my nose and the description of the absinthe, there is indeed licorice root. The cinnamon, to my perception, is much more of an aftertaste. Pleasant, but a little disconcerting. As I said, I've only had a single glass of it. I always give (good) absinthes three glasses to convince me. Sometimes I warm to one I did not care for on first tasting. ~kirk~
  8. Opened a bottle of the Montmarte the other night. I held off on reading reviews until I tried it myself. A wonderful bite to the nose upon opening. The scents are pronounced and distinctive. From this, and now having read some other reviews, this is second batch stuff. No cassia smell at all. The licorice root is very noticable in both smell and taste. It is very sweet and smooth. The color is a clear green, slightly blueish... but not a deep green like some of the Jade's. A rich complex taste that is not unpleasant at all, but also, it is not a personal favorite. Too... something. I'm not sure what. I don't dilike it, but there's a combination within which I find distracting. I always give fine absinthes two or three tries before giving up on them, and I had only one glass of this one so far. It louches very well, making a wonderful milky drink. Definitely needs less water than most others, and the alcohol holds more power in aroma than in taste. My lady enjoys it greatly. Perhaps her second favorite of about five or six we've tried, behind Nouvelle-Orléans. A few brief comments concerning it, but not as detailed as I'd like to share. But, as I said, i had only one glass, and haven't had time for an evening spent in its company. ~kirk~
  9. I figured that upon reading it. Like "Pork Chop" is used on Some Other Absinthe Forum . I love flying monkeys. But not domestic delivery companies who use slave monkeys. I wanted to include as much information as possible without crossing that invisible line of Too Much Information.
  10. Ah! I see now why the package was delivered improperly. Flying Monkeys! Of course... Snow monkeys in a hot spring are amazing. Give monkeys wings and a package to deliver... Bad Idea.
  11. flying monkeys admitted to me that their driver left it at the wrong address, but they stopped short of telling me what address that was. Their attitude was in sharp contrast to LdF's. What really gets me about this is that in every other order, the delivery drivers have all required a signature and ID; this time the driver just decided to leave it -- not a note telling of his attempted delivery, nor even leaving the pkg on a back doorstep -- by the front door facing the street. The front door of the wrong house. It's amazing how inept some people can be. flying monkeys: And astounding how incredibly good others are. LdF: ~kirk~
  12. ...with song and dance, too! About six months ago, we ordered several bottles of absinthe (again) from Liqueurs de France. I think this was maybe the sixth time I've personally ordered from them. Always before, I had been living out in Montana on the outskirts of Yellowstone Park. Even in West Bumblefreak, I'd receive their shipments in two or three days. This last order was the first time I've been in an actual city (Chicago) to receive from them. We ordered and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Never showed up. Checked with them, then order was sent and, after checking in with the US delivery company (flying monkeys) we found out that they (flying monkeys) had delivered our box to the WRONG address. flying monkeys only informed us of this fact *more than a week later* (ten days, I think). The wrong address. A courier shipment. No signature, just left it on the front doorstep of *somebody else's* house. Hm. We informed LdF. I was hesitant and pissed at flying monkeys and let a bit of my anger creep through in my email to them, but they understood I was not mad at them, merely the domestic delivery company. Upon giving LdF a new shipping address, we had a replacement order in three days. I have always been impressed to the point of astonishment at LdF's speed of shipment, and quality of spirits. But now I add to that exquisite-- EXQUISITE -- customer service. Peter and Ian run a most amazing company, that impresses more and more each time I do business with them. I have worked in customer service for more years than I have liked, and little by little I have seen companies show less and less courtesy and respect to their guests/customers/employees. It is wondrous to see that there is still decency in a business, and more than that, kindness and genuine concern. Peter & Ian and LdF: I salute you! (that's me; the smilie on the right) ~kirk~ P.S. This order had absinthes yet untried by me, so I shall post taster reviews as we open the bottles. Which reminds me, I need to add my 2¢ worth to the reviews of ones I already have...
  13. Indeed! Not as much as I would have thought. A year before moving out here, I wandered a number of cities in Eastern Europe for a few months. I think that gave me a taste for concrete after so many years of limestone and obsidian. Jackson's in an incredible region. The Tetons are the finest mountain range in the States.
  14. I see some mentions of it here and there in various forum topics, but no thread here. I ordered some yesterday (along with a couple of other bottles) and am eagerly waiting to try it. Had some three different Swiss La Bleues a few years ago that were said to be from Val-de-Travers, one of which was far outstanding to the other two. Any thoughts from those who have partaken of this one?
  15. I was in West for 13 years. I was lured away by a -- by a -- eeek! -- a beautiful woman. She was tempted by the mountains, but needed to finish University. So Chicago won.
  16. Just wanted to drop in and say hello. New to the WS, but not-so-new to absinthe. I've been an absintheur for more than a decade now, first sampling someone's soaked mush about 14 years ago. *blech!* Since then, I've tasted a range of faeries, from the mediocre to the divine. The most divine to my taste right now is, without a doubt, Nouvelle-Orléans from Jade. Recently, I've moved from the wilds of Yellowstone to the glass canyons of Chicago. My lady and I would love to attend, or host, absinthe get togethers in this area. I suppose, other than just learning more about our beloved subject at hand, that would be my reason in seeking out this forum. Anyhoo, that's it for my mode of introduction. It's great to be here. Oh, yeah. Hiram -- after a year of thinking about it and procrastinating, it was the No Flame image which finally lured me in. After laughing into tears at that, I figured I had to register here. :D