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  1. Gin & Tonic w/ Hendricks, Woodford Reseve Bourbon, unknown sparkling wine, couple of glasses of pacifique, what can go wrong???
  2. couple glasses of Lucid- I have a cold so the tastebuds aren't up to par. Tastes great actually.
  3. Nouvelle-Orleans, now a little mulled wine, but I'm thinking the fiance cooked out all of the alcohol by accident. ha ha
  4. Jade NO & Kübler. In that order. I swear I can still taste the NO after indulging in the first glass of Kübler.
  5. For a a nice and easy winter cocktail I'd recommend Rumpleminze and hot chocolate. Perfect if you're spending any time outdoors in frigid temperatures!
  6. Going to finish up the Brevans AO Spare. I'm tempted to crack open a reserve bottle of Italienne- I've been craving that for summertime.
  7. I've actually been thinking about La Muse lately. I remember it tasting pretty good actually but that was probably the 3rd absinthe I tasted and that was two years ago. Maybe a little heavy on the lemon balm. I'll need to pick some up and post a review. Perfect excuse to buy more bottles.
  8. Libertine- I got a 750 of this for $29.99 at Binny's! Not too shabby actually.
  9. PF 1901 has a totally different taste to me than the other Jades. Similar to the Roquette in my opinoin. I have no clue what herb (s) are present but I like them. I received a new batch of Roquette and it didn't seem dry at all. Maybe they did change the formula. Back to the original thread- I would pick a Jade, L'Italienne, or a DP product.
  10. Thank you all! Had a great dinner for my birthday. I haven't been on in a while- Just been at my new job in.... you guessed it.... Accounting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yeah Ken the Binny's locations have a pretty good selection of absinthe. Too bad for the sales tax though as I still buy large orders of booze from Drinkupny
  12. I know exactly how you feel Pierre. My fiance has bought me crap absinthe in the past. ha ha It's the thought that counts.