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  1. Hear, hear. A slice of old-world simplicity (in enjoyment, that is). " Where a man can slow down, live his life... Full measure."
  2. They pay you to say that or just give you free doses? =P
  3. Son of a bitch... They beat me to it! Here's hoping it's legit... And quality.
  4. It's an inebriated christmas charlie brown! Does this mean absinthe's hit prime time now that there's a christmas version out and about?
  5. Can't speak for the rest of the state, but you can at least get Obsello here in Savannah. The rest are the usual suspects, Lucid, Kübler, absente. And unfortunately mata hari. Been a while since I went liquor store snooping though, may be doing that in the coming days though.
  6. I'm pretty sure coffee sales would drop steeply if it were going to be called the brown fairy. I don't think anyone wants a visit from the brown fairy on the way to the office.
  7. Am I really the first to post the obvious? MOVE OUT OF TEXAS. Sorry, but after hearing from my buddy who's stationed there, it was the obvious choice. I'd assume the best suggestion is the one Brian gave you. If I had a paypal set-up and Obsello was what you pined for, I could and would be glad to help, but unfortunately I do not. Lord knows there are many other generous souls out there, with far better selection than my area's paltry options.
  8. No, but good luck spelling words beginning with i-l-l at the beginning of sentences. Helvetica is just so... meh. It has its uses, but after having seen the documentary helvetica, I figured I'm forced to choose a side, even though at heart I'm down the middle and could care less either way. Calling people post-modernist dogs ( granted, I'm paraphrasing, but not by much) is a bit extreme from folks from a by-gone era. Modernism is dead! LONG LIVE POST-MODERNISM!
  9. I've been in a similar situation, granted, what I was drinking was probably a bastardization as the supposed honest to goodness recipe may be lost forever ( if the myth is to be believed), when I started ordering zombies at a mexican restaurant/bar my friends gave me guff for the pink color. And I get the idea of that frustration, a few of my good friends are devout American macro drinkers, and have even called my preference of beer that tastes like beer all manner of insults. I really don't think there's any winning with that crowd. The best to hope for is a conversion, and its just so damn hard to get even that sometimes.
  10. I KNEW I forgot something while I was enjoying my last bottle. I had the spoon, the sugar, re-purposed carafe & glass, stood on tip toes on my right foot while louching, only to forget the coup de grâce. I need a checklist for next time.
  11. That is one HELL of a bottle, too bad the stuff inside probably doesn't need that sort of protection. Then again, trippin' ballz on thujxxxtreme could lead to a situation where you need protection. Use a condom kids, otherwise we end up with crapsinthe " distillers". Are they even still considered distillers if the only product they make is macerated? Edit: On reading of full short article, I give my not so humble designer's opinion- Seen better, a lot better. Design isn't so much striking as it is simplicity gone awry. Simplicity can be a beautiful thing... Or it can be boring. Like Helvetica. ( Oooie shoot, design trash talk)
  12. Why rock the boat? Just make sure you wipe the smile away after imbibing before someone notices.
  13. Absinthe milkshake... hmm... Absinthe daiquiris perchance? Not that uh.... manly men, like us... would... a-hurm... Be drinking them. Ever.
  14. Odd, after Bryan mentioned the tags, I checked the two bottles I have. The one I bought almost a year ago ( last august) had the tag-label with batch number, while the latest bottle purchase from two or three weeks ago didn't have it. Didn't have the neck tag-hanger either, but I assumed that was the liquor store's choice to remove them.
  15. Kick out the Spam? Roquette Reducer? Shall I continue?