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  1. Thanks, i was wondering if there any places out there,it seems kind of a rarity to find a store that carries absinthe. If your out in newport or the oc we are having a beach party you will be able to spot it not to far from balboa its the brown glass house
  2. Moving on. i will have a chance to try it tomorrow ,a buddy of mine bought some so now i wait.
  3. Both st george and leopold both contain grande wormwood and both louche... but ok anywho.... St.George in my opinion is really good,the flavors of the herbs used make it its own and it taste fantastic,i am on my second glass haha
  4. I will be getting another bottle tomorrow of something different,any recommendations?
  5. well it seemed bevmo had one bottle in the back but in order to get it i had to travel 4 cities. So i got leopold and even tho i thought that is enough i also got a bottle of st george absinthe to give it a try. After all if i don't like it maybe i can just give it out
  6. Does anyone know what stores in California carry leopold? i know bevmo does and they ship but there a rip off and i rather go somewhere else were they don't mark it up 20.00. I tried hi-time wine cellars but i am afraid they don't carry it
  7. I do know what a traditional absinthe should taste like,however i am also not afraid to try a new absinthe. I am currently still drinking 1905 absinthe pernod fils. My other stock includes duplais,Kübler. I still want to get a couple more bottles to fill up empty space in my cellar thus this thread
  8. Here is the location of the store i am going to per another members suggestion http://www.hitimewine.net/istar.asp?a=29
  9. I heard the color of mansinthe isn't normal,does anyone know if they use artificial color or anything?
  10. What can't be learned is you have experience members giving there input, sure you can read all the reviews but everyone's opinion is different. Doing it in this manner gives you two advantages over reading the reviews. 1. Your chances of picking up a wrong bottle of horrible absinthe have now become dramatically less. 2. If you limit the choice of absinthe you see what everyone would go with. At least that is how i feel.
  11. So i am interested in these 3 and yes i have read the reviews ..... but i am a finicky person and don't really know what brand to get. I would like to try all 3 but that would be a waste of money on my part,so what does everyone think St George Mansinthe or Obsello? I am sticking close to home and going to a bevmo once again,all help is appreciated and Happy holidays
  12. And despite my ex-girlfriend's assertions, to the contrary, when my wood was going south, it still wasn't petite! Haha well on different note i just picked up 2 bottles of duplais since it seems to get high marks and i have to say i like it
  13. I always listen to my doctor and me and my brother just finished a glass of Kübler with some pizza haha taste wonderful