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  1. Allow me to also be the second to slap you today.
  2. You, like many others, have a theory.
  3. Allow me to be the first to slap you. Today.
  4. Hiram - I meant the title on the Windows Media window, not the title of the file . . .
  5. Welcome, and congrats on both the excellent first choices and new relationship with your distant relative!
  6. Pretty much, TGO. Fantasizing about a pretty glossy magazine every month is fun. Producing something which can at least break even is work.
  7. I'd no idea merkins were to be lubricated with oil. I always used spit. Guess I'm old-fashioned that way.
  8. My computer at work has no sound card, but I can guess from the title . . .
  9. It's all very positive, but it'd be nice if there were a story (today we follow drinkboy as he quizzes a bartender and introduces him to orange bitters), rather than a haphazard series of quotes. Edit: And what's not realistic about MY avatar?? You know EVERYBODY wants to do what Fudd's doing.
  10. I don't think we need to discuss how peridot's pussy reacts to his post, thank you very much.
  11. If you could get that one bone to be serious, she might not have you committed. You may wish to suggest bringing a straitjacket HOME for playtime. They're not just for institutional use anymore.
  12. Not a bad article, other than the gibberish-talking nonsense. All that means is that the chick can't hold her liquor.
  13. "Yes, it tastes EXACTLY like ASS! Distilled, bottled ASS!!"
  14. I hear condoms can help prevent such things. Also, washing up after.
  15. Good thing Mom put that plastic cover on it, eh?
  16. Sometimes, sharing is scaring. Kinda like your tongue-waggin'.
  17. Too many words. And no bitch-slap emoticon.